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Microosft Dynamics CRM Error Code List

Field Value Error string
AccessDenied -2147187707 Access is denied.
AccountDoesNotExist -2147220222 Account does not exist.
AccountLoopBeingCreated -2147220217 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Accounts hierarchy.
AccountLoopExists -2147220218 Loop exists in the accounts hierarchy.
ActivityInvalidObjectTypeCode -2147207917 An Invalid type code was specified by the throwing method
ActivityInvalidSessionToken -2147207918 An Invalid session token was passed into the throwing method
ActivityPartyObjectTypeNotAllowed -2147207930 Cannot create activity party of specified object type.
AppointmentScheduleNotSet -2147220875 Scheduled End and Scheduled Start must be set for Appointments in order to sync with Outlook.
ArrayMappingFoundForSingletonParameter -2147220609 An array transformation parameter mapping is defined for a single parameter.
ArticleIsPublished -2147220226 The article cannot be updated or deleted because it is in published state
AssociationRoleOrdinalInvalid -2147187608 The association role ordinal is not valid - it must be 1 or 2.
AsyncNetworkError -2147204346 An error occurred while accessing the network.
AsyncOperationCannotDeleteUnlessCompleted -2147204758 Cannot delete async operation unless it is in Completed state.
AsyncOperationCannotUpdateNonrecurring -2147204760 Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job that is not recurring.
AsyncOperationCannotUpdateRecurring -2147204759 Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job type that is not supported.
AsyncOperationInvalidStateChange -2147204766 The target state could not be set because the state transition is not valid.
AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToComplete -2147204763 The target state could not be set to complete because the state transition is not valid.
AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToReady -2147204762 The target state could not be set to ready because the state transition is not valid.
AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToSuspended -2147204761 The target state could not be set to suspended because the state transition is not valid.
AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeUnexpected -2147204765 The target state could not be set because the state was changed by another process.
AsyncOperationMissingId -2147204764 The AsyncOperationId is required to do the update.
AsyncOperationSuspendedOrLocked -2147220679 >A background job associated with this import is either suspended or locked. In order to delete this import, in the Workplace, click Imports, open the import, click System Jobs, and resume any suspended jobs.
AsyncOperationTypeIsNotRecognized -2147204349 The operation type of the async operation was not recognized.
AttachmentBlocked -2147205623 The attachment is either not a valid type or is too large. It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
AttachmentInvalidFileName -2147202552 Attachment file name contains invalid characters.
AttributeDeprecated -2147204299 \"Attribute '{0}' on entity '{1}' is deprecated.\"
AttributeDoesNotSupportLocalizedLabels -2147204712 The specified attribute does not support localized labels.
AttributeIsNotCustomAttribute -2147192823 The specified attribute is not a custom attribute
AttributeNotOfTypePicklist -2147220676 This attribute is not mapped to a drop-down list, Boolean, or state/status attribute. However, you have included a ListValueMap element for it.  Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
AttributeNotOfTypeReference -2147220592 This attribute is not mapped as a reference attribute. However, you have included a ReferenceMap for it.  Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
BadAuthTicket -2147180286 The ticket specified for authentication is invalid
BaseCurrencyCannotBeDeactivated -2147185420 The base currency cannot be deactivated.
BaseCurrencyNotDeletable -2147185409 The base currency of an organization cannot be deleted.
BaseCurrencyOverflow -2147185428 The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is larger than the maximum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
BaseCurrencyUnderflow -2147185429 The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is smaller than the minimum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
BaseUnitDoesNotExist -2147206372 The base unit does not exist.
BaseUnitNotDeletable -2147206397 The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted.
BaseUnitNotNull -2147206377 Do not use a base unit as the value for a primary unit. This value should always be null.
BaseUomNameNotSpecified -2147207152 baseuomname not specified
BDK_E_AVS_FAILED -2147175101 {0}
BDK_E_BAD_ZIPCODE_LENGTH -2147175098 {0}
BDK_E_BADXML -2147175097 {0}
BDK_E_BANNEDPERSON -2147175095 {0}
BDK_E_DATE_EXPIRED -2147175091 {0}
BDK_E_GUID_EXISTS -2147175087 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_ADDRESS_ID -2147175086 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_BILLABLE_ACCOUNT_ID -2147175085 {0}  The specified Billing account is invalid.  Or, although the objectID is of the correct type, the account it identifies does not exist in the system.
BDK_E_INVALID_BUF_SIZE -2147175084 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_CURRENCY -2147175081 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_DATE -2147175079 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_FILTER -2147175077 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_GUID -2147175076 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_LOCALE -2147175074 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_OBJECT_ID -2147175073 {0}  The Billing system cannot find the object (e.g. account or subscription or offering).
BDK_E_INVALID_PHONE_TYPE -2147175069 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_POLICY_ID -2147175068 {0}
BDK_E_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION_ID -2147175065 {0}  The subscription id specified is invalid.  Or, although the objectID is of correct type and also points to a valid account in SCS, the subscription it identifies does not exist in SCS.
BDK_E_MEG_CONFLICT -2147175063 {0}
BDK_E_NON_ACTIVE_ACCOUNT -2147175060 {0}
BDK_E_NOPERMISSION -2147175059 {0}  The calling partner does not have access to this method or when the requester does not have permission to search against the supplied search PUID.
BDK_E_RATING_FAILURE -2147175047 {0}
BDK_E_STATE_CITY_INVALID -2147175045 {0}
BDK_E_STATE_INVALID -2147175044 {0}
BDK_E_STATE_ZIP_INVALID -2147175038 {0}
BDK_E_TAXID_EXPDATE -2147175037 {0} 
BDK_E_TOKEN_EXPIRED -2147175035 {0}
BDK_E_UNKNOWN_SERVER_FAILURE -2147175031 {0}  Unknown server failure.
BDK_E_USAGE_COUNT_FOR_TOKEN_EXCEEDED -2147175025 {0}  Billing token is already spent.
BDK_E_ZIP_CITY_MISSING -2147175028 {0}
BDK_E_ZIP_INVALID -2147175027 {0}  Billing zip code error.
BDK_E_ZIP_INVALID_FOR_ENTERED_STATE -2147175026 {0}  Billing zip code error.
BillingNoSettingError -2147175119 No Billing application configuration setting [{0}] was found.
BillingPartnerCertificate -2147175120 Could not determine the right Partner certificate to use with Billing.  Issuer: {0}  Subject: {1}  Distinguished matches: [{2}]  Name matches: [{3}]  All valid certificates: [{4}].
BillingRetrieveKeyError -2147175112 Could not retrieve Billing session key: \"{0}\"
BillingTestConnectionError -2147175118 Billing TestConnection failed.  Sent: [{0}]  Received: [{1}].
BillingTestConnectionException -2147175117 Billing TestConnection exception.
BillingUnknownErrorCode -2147175114 Billing error code [{0}] was thrown with exception {1}
BillingUnknownException -2147175113 Billing error was thrown with exception {0}
BillingUnmappedErrorCode -2147175115 Billing error code [{0}] was thrown with exception {1}
BillingUserPuidNullError -2147175116 User Puid is required, but is null.
BooleanOptionOutOfRange -2147204324 Boolean attribute options must have a value of either 0 or 1.
BulkDeleteChildFailure -2147187623 One of the Bulk Delete Child Jobs Failed
BulkDeleteRecordDeletionFailure -2147187659 The record cannot be deleted.
BulkDetectInvalidEmailRecipient -2147187678 The e-mail recipient either does not exist or the e-mail address for the e-mail recipient is not valid.
BulkMailOperationFailed -2147200979 The bulk e-mail job completed with {0} failures. The failures might be caused by missing e-mail addresses or because you do not have permission to send e-mail. To find records with missing e-mail addresses, use Advanced Find. If you need increased e-mail permissions, contact your system administrator.
BulkMailServiceNotAccessible -2147187964 The Microsoft CRM Bulk E-Mail Service is not running.
BusinessManagementInvalidUserId -2147214049 The user Id is invalid.
BusinessManagementLoopBeingCreated -2147214047 Creating this parental association would create a loop in business hierarchy.
BusinessManagementLoopExists -2147214048 Loop exists in the business hierarchy.
BusinessManagementObjectAlreadyExists -2147220950 An object with the specified name already exists.
BusinessNotEnabled -2147220692 The specified business unit is disabled.
CallerCannotChangeOwnDomainName -2147204767 The caller cannot change their own domain name
CalloutException -2147220901 Callout Exception occurred.
CampaignActivityAlreadyPropagated -2147220698 This campaign activity has been distributed already. Campaign activities cannot be distributed more than one time.
CampaignActivityClosed -2147220687 This Campaign Activity is closed or canceled. Campaign activities cannot be distributed after they have been closed or canceled.
CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignActivity -2147220727 Campaign as RegardingObject must be supplied.
CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignResponse -2147220726 Campaign as RegardingObject must be supplied.
CannotAddNewBooleanValue -2147204323 You cannot add an option to a Boolean attribute.
CannotAddNewStateValue -2147204322 You cannot add state options to a State attribute.
CannotAssignAddressBookFilters -2147187640 Cannot assign address book filters
CannotAssignOfflineFilters -2147220225 Cannot assign offline filters
CannotAssignOutlookFilters -2147220892 Cannot assign outlook filters
CannotAssignRolesToSupportUser -2147213999 The support user are read-only, which cannot be assigned with other roles
CannotAssignSupportUser -2147214012 The Support User Role cannot be assigned to a user.
CannotAssignToDisabledBusiness -2147220691 The specified business unit cannot be assigned to because it is disabled.
CannotAssociateInactiveItemToCampaign -2147220732 Cannot associate an inactive item to a Campaign.
CannotBindToSession -2147220908 Cannot bind to another session, session already bound.
CannotCopyIncompatibleListType -2147220730 Cannot copy lists of different types.
CannotCreateActivityRelationship -2147192826 Relationship with activities cannot be created through this operation
CannotCreateAddressBookFilters -2147187641 Cannot create address book filters
CannotCreateFromSupportUser -2147214010 Cannot create a role from Support User Role.
CannotCreateOutlookFilters -2147220893 Cannot create outlook filters
CannotCreateResponseForTemplate -2147220718 CampaignResponse can not be created for Template Campaign.
CannotDeleteAsBackgroundOperationInProgress -2147220693 This record is currently being used by Microsoft CRM and cannot be deleted. Try again later. If  the problem persists, contact your system administrator.
CannotDeleteAsItIsReadOnly -2147220952 The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only.
CannotDeleteAttributeUsedInWorkflow -2147200976 This attribute cannot be deleted because it is used in one or more workflows. Cancel any system jobs for workflows that use this attribute, then delete or modify any workflows that use the attribute, and then try to delete the attribute again.
CannotDeleteBaseMoneyCalculationAttribute -2147185410 The base money calculation Attribute is not valid for deletion
CannotDeleteCannedView -2147220945 System-defined views cannot be deleted.
CannotDeleteChildAttribute -2147192810 The Child Attribute is not valid for deletion
CannotDeleteCustomEntityUsedInWorkflow -2147200980 Cannot delete entity because it is used in a workflow.
CannotDeleteDueToAssociation -2147220953 The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted.
CannotDeleteEnumOptionsFromAttributeType -2147204317 You can delete options only from picklist and status attributes.
CannotDeleteInUseAttribute -2147187688 The selected attribute cannot be deleted because it is referenced by one or more duplicate detection rules that are being published.
CannotDeleteInUseEntity -2147187680 The selected entity cannot be deleted because it is referenced by one or more duplicate detection rules that are in process of being published.
CannotDeletePrimaryUIAttribute -2147192830 The Primary UI Attribute is not valid for deletion
CannotDeleteSupportUser -2147214014 The Support User Role cannot be deleted.
CannotDeleteSysAdmin -2147214034 The System Administrator Role cannot be deleted.
CannotDeleteSystemEmailTemplate -2147187662 System e-mail templates cannot be deleted.
CannotDeleteUpdateInUseRule -2147187672 The duplicate detection rule is currently in use and cannot be updated or deleted. Please try again later.
CannotDisableDuplicateDetection -2147187614 Duplicate detection cannot be disabled because a duplicate detection job is currently in progress. Try again later.
CannotDisableSysAdmin -2147214033 A user cannot be disabled if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role.
CannotEnableDuplicateDetection -2147187679 Duplicate detection cannot be enabled because one or more rules are being published.
CannotFindObjectInQueue -2147220245 The object was not found in the given queue
CannotFindUserQueue -2147220244 Cannot find user queue
CannotGrantAccessToAddressBookFilters -2147187642 Cannot grant access to address book filters
CannotGrantAccessToOfflineFilters -2147220879 Cannot grant access to offline filters
CannotGrantAccessToOutlookFilters -2147220888 Cannot grant access to outlook filters
CannotHaveDuplicateYomi -2147192808 One attribute can be tied to only one yomi at a time
CannotImportNullStringsForBaseLanguage -2147204538 The base language translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is null.
CannotLocateRecordForWorkflowActivity -2147200975 A record required by this workflow job could not be found.
CannotMakeReadOnlyUser -2147214024 A user cannot be made a read only user if they are the last non read only user that has the System Administrator Role.
CannotMakeSelfReadOnlyUser -2147214023 You cannot make yourself a read only user
CannotModifyAccessToAddressBookFilters -2147187643 Cannot modify access for address book filters
CannotModifyAccessToOfflineFilters -2147220878 Cannot modify access for offline filters
CannotModifyAccessToOutlookFilters -2147220887 Cannot modify access for outlook filters
CannotModifyOldDataFromImport -2147220618 The corresponding record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more recent data, so this record was ignored.
CannotModifySpecialUser -2147214029 No modifications to the 'SYSTEM' or 'INTEGRATION' user are permitted.
CannotModifySupportUser -2147214013 The Support User Role cannot be modified.
CannotModifySysAdmin -2147214031 The System Administrator Role cannot be modified.
CannotMoveDisabledUser -2147220889 Disabled users cannot be moved to a different business unit.
CannotPropagateCamapaignActivityForTemplate -2147220719 Cannot execute (distribute) a CampaignActivity for a template Campaign.
CannotPublishEmptyRule -2147187692 No criteria have been specified. Add criteria, and then publish the duplicate detection rule.
CannotPublishInactiveRule -2147187693 The selected duplicate detection rule is marked as Inactive. Before publishing, you must activate the rule.
CannotPublishMoreRules -2147187687 The selected record type already has the maximum number of published rules. Unpublish or delete existing rules for this record type, and then try again.
CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaign -2147220729 Specified Object Type not supported
CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaignActivity -2147220723 Specified Object Type not supported
CannotRemoveFromSupportUser -2147214011 A user cannot be removed from the Support User Role.
CannotRemoveFromSysAdmin -2147214032 A user cannot be removed from the System Administrator Role if they are the only user that has the role.
CannotRemoveNonListMember -2147187624 Specified Item not a member of the specified List.
CannotRemoveUnrelatedObject -2147220728 Specified Item not related to the specified Campaign Activity
CannotRevokeAccessToAddressBookFilters -2147187644 Cannot revoke access for address book filters
CannotRevokeAccessToOfflineFilters -2147220877 Cannot revoke access for offline filters
CannotRevokeAccessToOutlookFilters -2147220880 Cannot revoke access for outlook filters
CannotRouteToQueue -2147220246 Cannot route to Work in progress queue
CannotShareWithOwner -2147220972 An item cannot be shared with the owning user.
CannotSpecifyAttendeeForAppointmentPropagation -2147220708 Cannot specify an attendee for appointment distribution.
CannotSpecifyBothProductAndProductDesc -2147206405 You cannot set both 'productid' and 'productdescription' for the same record.
CannotSpecifyBothUomAndProductDesc -2147206406 You cannot set both 'uomid' and 'productdescription' for the same record.
CannotSpecifyCommunicationAttributeOnActivityForPropagation -2147220706 Cannot specify communication attribute on activity for distribution
CannotSpecifyOrganizerForAppointmentPropagation -2147220710 Cannot specify an organizer for appointment distribution
CannotSpecifyOwnerForActivityPropagation -2147220697 Cannot specify owner on activity for distribution
CannotSpecifyRecipientForActivityPropagation -2147220707 Cannot specify a recipient for activity distribution.
CannotSpecifySenderForActivityPropagation -2147220709 Cannot specify a sender for appointment distribution
CannotUpdateBecauseItIsReadOnly -2147220946 The object cannot be updated because it is read-only.
CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignActivity -2147220725 Parent campaign is not updatable.
CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignResponse -2147220724 Parent campaign is not updatable.
CannotUpdateNonCustomizableString -2147204537 The translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is not customizable.
CannotUpdateObjectBecauseItIsInactive -2147220944 The object cannot be updated because it is inactive.
CannotUpdatePrivateOrWIPQueue -2147220242 The private or WIP Bin queue is not allowed to be updated or deleted
CannotUpdateProductCurrency -2147185414 The currency of the product cannot be updated because there are associated price list items with pricing method percentage.
CannotUpdateSupportUser -2147214009 Cannot update the Support User Role.
CascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete -2147188477 Object is not allowed to be deleted
CascadeFailToCreateNativeDAWrapper -2147188472 Failed to create unmanaged data access wrapper
CascadeInvalidExtraConditionValue -2147188479 Invalid Extra-condition value
CascadeInvalidLinkType -2147188478 Invalid CascadeLink Type
CascadeInvalidLinkTypeTransition -2147204779 Invalid link type for system entity cascading actions.
CascadeMergeInvalidSpecialColumn -2147188474 Invalid Column Name for Merge Special Casing
CascadeProxyEmptyCallerId -2147188469 Empty Caller Id
CascadeProxyInvalidNativeDAPtr -2147188471 Invalid pointer of unmanaged data access object
CascadeProxyInvalidPrincipalType -2147188470 Invalid security principal type
CascadeRemoveLinkOnNonNullable -2147188476 CascadeDelete is defined as RemoveLink while the foreign key is not nullable
CascadeReparentOnNonUserOwned -2147188473 Cannot perform Cascade Reparent on Non-UserOwned entities
ChildBusinessDoesNotExist -2147214046 The child businesss Id is invalid.
ChildUserDoesNotExist -2147214042 The child user Id is invalid.
ChildWorkflowNotFound -2147200977 This workflow cannot run because one or more child workflows it uses have not been published or have been deleted. Please check the child workflows and try running this workflow again.
ClientAuthCanceled -2147167708 Authentication was canceled by the user.
ClientAuthNoConnectivity -2147167706 There is no connectivity.
ClientAuthNoConnectivityOffline -2147167707 There is no connectivity when running in offline mode.
ClientAuthOfflineInvalidCallerId -2147167705 Offline SDK calls must be made in the offline user context.
ClientAuthSignedOut -2147167711 The user signed out.
ClientAuthSyncIssue -2147167709 Synchronization between processes failed.
ConfigDBCannotDeleteDefaultOrganization -2147167685 The default {0} organization cannot be deleted from the MSCRM_CONFIG database.
ConfigDBCannotDeleteObjectDueState -2147167694 Cannot delete '{0}' with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
ConfigDBCannotUpdateObjectDueState -2147167689 Cannot update '{0}' with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
ConfigDBCascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete -2147167693 Cannot delete '{0}' with Value = ({1}) due to child '{2}' references from MSCRM_CONFIG database
ConfigDBDuplicateRecord -2147167695 Duplicate '{0}' with Value = ({1}) exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database
ConfigDBObjectDoesNotExist -2147167696 '{0}' with Value = ({1}) does not exist in MSCRM_CONFIG database
ConfigMissingDescription -2147204713 Description must be specified.
ConfigNullPrimaryKey -2147204714 Primary Key cannot be nullable.
ConflictingProvisionTypes -2147176404 The service component {0} has conflicting provision types.
ContactDoesNotExist -2147220221 Contact does not exist.
ContactLoopBeingCreated -2147220214 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Contacts hierarchy.
ContactLoopExists -2147220215 Loop exists in the contacts hierarchy.
ContractDetailDiscountAmount -2147204077 The contract's discount type does not support 'percentage' discounts.
ContractDetailDiscountAmountAndPercent -2147204076 Both 'amount' and 'percentage' cannot be set.
ContractDetailDiscountPercent -2147204078 The contract's discount type does not support 'amount' discounts.
ContractInvalidAllotmentTypeCode -2147208699 The allotment type code is invalid.
ContractInvalidBillToAddress -2147208689 The bill-to address of the contract is invalid.
ContractInvalidBillToCustomer -2147208688 The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid.
ContractInvalidContract -2147208685 The contract is invalid.
ContractInvalidContractTemplate -2147208687 The contract template is invalid.
ContractInvalidCustomer -2147208691 The customer of the contract is invalid.
ContractInvalidDatesForRenew -2147208680 The start date / end date of this renewed contract can not overlap with any other invoiced / active contracts with the same contract number.
ContractInvalidDiscount -2147204717 Discount cannot be greater than total price.
ContractInvalidPrice -2147208683 The price is invalid.
ContractInvalidServiceAddress -2147208690 The service address of the contract is invalid.
ContractInvalidStartEndDate -2147208702 Start date / end date or billing start date / billing end date is invalid.
ContractInvalidState -2147208701 The state of the contract is invalid.
ContractLineInvalidState -2147208700 The state of the contract line item is invalid.
ContractNoLineItems -2147208692 There are no contract line items for this contract.
ContractTemplateDoesNotExist -2147208698 The contract template does not exist.
ContractTemplateNoAbbreviation -2147208693 Abbreviation can not be NULL.
CreatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency -2147201014 Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
CreateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency -2147201015 Cannot create a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
CreateWorkflowDependencyForPublishedTemplate -2147200999 Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow template.
CrmConstraintEvaluationError -2147220895 Crm constraint evaluation error occurred.
CrmConstraintParsingError -2147220894 Crm constraint parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionBodyParsingError -2147220898 Crm expression body parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionEvaluationError -2147220896 Crm expression evaluation error occurred.
CrmExpressionParametersParsingError -2147220897 Crm expression parameters parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionParsingError -2147220899 Crm expression parsing error occurred.
CrmImpersonationError -2147220923 Error occurred in the Crm AutoReimpersonator.
CrmLiveGenericError -2147176448 An error has occurred while processing your request.
CrmLiveInternalProvisioningError -2147176445 An unexpected error happened in the provisioning system.
CrmLiveInvalidSetupParameter -2147176443 The parameter to CrmLive Setup is incorrect or not specified.
CrmLiveMissingActiveDirectoryGroup -2147176446 The specified Active Directory Group does not exist.
CrmLiveMissingServerRolesInScaleGroup -2147176441 The scalegroup is missing some required server roles. 1 Witness Server and 2 Sql Servers are required for Provisioning.
CrmLiveMonitoringOrganizationExistsInScaleGroup -2147176410 Only one monitoring organization is allowed in a scalegroup.
CrmLiveMultipleWitnessServersInScaleGroup -2147176442 The ScaleGroup has multiple witness servers specified. There should be only 1 witness server in a scale group.
CrmLiveOrganizationDeleteFailed -2147176402 An error has occurred when deleting the organization.
CrmLiveOrganizationDetailsNotFound -2147176400 Unable to find organization details.
CrmLiveOrganizationFriendlyNameTooLong -2147176398 The organization name provided is too long.
CrmLiveOrganizationFriendlyNameTooShort -2147176399 The organization name provided is too short.
CrmLiveOrganizationProvisioningFailed -2147176447 An error has occurred when provisioning the organization.
CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameInvalid -2147176395 The unique name provided is not valid.
CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameReserved -2147176394 The unique name is already reserved.
CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameTooLong -2147176396 The unique name provided is too long.
CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameTooShort -2147176397 The unique name provided is too short.
CrmLiveOrganizationUpgradeFailed -2147176428 Upgrade Of Crm Organization Failed.
CrmLiveQueueItemDoesNotExist -2147176444 The specified queue item does not exist in the queue. It may have been deleted or its ID may not have been specified correctly
CrmLiveServerCannotHaveWitnessAndDataServerRoles -2147176440 A server cannot have both Witness and Data Server Roles.
CrmLiveSupportOrganizationExistsInScaleGroup -2147176411 Only one support organization is allowed in a scalegroup.
CrmMalformedExpressionError -2147220900 Crm malformed expression error occurred.
CrmQueryExpressionNotInitialized -2147220915 The QueryExpression has not been initialized. Please use the constructor that takes in the entity name to create a correctly initialized instance
CrmSecurityError -2147220906 A failure occurred in CrmSecurity.
CrmSqlGovernorDatabaseRequestDenied -2147180543 Crm Sql Governor has denied access to the database.
CRMUserDoesNotExist -2147220652 No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID
CurrencyCannotBeNullDueToNonNullMoneyFields -2147185413 The currency cannot be null.
CurrencyNotEqual -2147185430 The currency of the {0} does not match the currency of the {1}.
CurrencyRequiredForDiscountTypeAmount -2147185417 The currency cannot be null for discount type amount.
CustomActivityInvalid -2147200995 Invalid custom activity.
CustomerIsInactive -2147220201 An inactive customer cannot be set as the parent of an object.
CustomerOpportunityRoleExists -2147188222 Customer opportunity role exists.
CustomerRelationshipExists -2147188223 Customer relationship already exists.
CustomParentingSystemNotSupported -2147192574 A custom entity can not have a parental relationship to a system entity
CustomReflexiveRelationshipNotAllowedForEntity -2147204308 This entity is not valid for a custom reflexive relationship
CyclicalRelationship -2147192828 The specified relationship will result in a cycle.
DataColumnsNumberMismatch -2147220667 The number of fields differs from the number of column headings.
DataMigrationManagerMandatoryUpdatesNotInstalled -2147204298 First-time configuration of the Data Migration Manager has been canceled. You will not be able to use the Data Migration Manager until configuration is completed.
DataMigrationManagerUnknownProblem -2147204301 The Data Migration Manager encountered an unknown problem and cannot continue. To try again, restart the Data Migration Manager.
DateTimeFormatFailed -2147220902 Failed to produce a formatted datetime value.
DecimalValueOutOfRange -2147204304 A validation error occurred. A decimal value provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
DecoupleChildEntity -2147188218 Cannot decouple a child entity.
DecoupleUserOwnedEntity -2147188217 Can only decouple user owned entities.
DeleteActiveWorkflowTemplateDependency -2147200998 Cannot delete workflow dependency from a published workflow template .
DeletePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency -2147201018 Cannot delete a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
DeleteWorkflowActivation -2147201020 Cannot delete a workflow activation.
DeleteWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency -2147201019 Cannot delete a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
DeleteWorkflowActiveDefinition -2147201009 Cannot delete an active workflow definition.
DeleteWorkflowActiveTemplate -2147200996 Cannot delete an active workflow template.
DeploymentServiceCannotChangeStateForDeploymentService -2147167646 You cannot change the state of this server because it contains the Deployment Service server role.
DeploymentServiceNotAllowOperation -2147167647 Deployment Service for {0} does not allow {1} operation.
DeploymentServiceNotAllowSetToThisState -2147167648 Deployment Service for {0} allows the state Enabled or Disabled. Cannot set state to {1}.
DisabledCRMAddinLoadFailure -2147204606 An error occurred loading Microsoft CRM functionality. Try restarting Outlook. Contact your system administrator if errors persist.
DisabledCRMClientVersionHigher -2147204604 The Microsoft CRM server needs to be upgraded before Microsoft CRM client can be used. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
DisabledCRMClientVersionLower -2147204605 The Microsoft CRM Outlook client needs to be upgraded before it can be used. Contact your system administrator for upgrade instructions.
DisabledCRMGoingOffline -2147204608 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available while Offline Synchronization is occuring
DisabledCRMGoingOnline -2147204607 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available while Online Synchronization is occuring
DisabledCRMOnlineCrmNotAvailable -2147204602 Microsoft CRM server is not available
DisabledCRMPostOfflineUpgrade -2147204603 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available until the Microsoft CRM client is taken back online
DiscountAmount -2147206368 The discount type does not support 'percentage' discounts.
DiscountAmountAndPercent -2147206369 Both 'amount' and 'percentage' cannot be set.
DiscountPercent -2147206367 The discount type does not support 'amount' discounts.
DiscountRangeOverlap -2147206398 The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities.
DiscountTypeAndPriceLevelCurrencyNotEqual -2147185416 The currency of the discount needs to match the currency of the price list for discount type amount.
DistributeListAssociatedVary -2147187629 This campaign activity cannot be distributed. Mail merge activities can be done only on marketing lists that are all the same record type. For this campaign activity, remove marketing lists so that the remaining ones are the same record type, and then try again.
DistributeNoListAssociated -2147187628 This campaign activity cannot be distributed. No marketing lists are associated with it. Add at least one marketing list and try again.
DoNotTrackItem -2147204568 Selected item will not be tracked.
DuplicateAttributeSchemaName -2147192813 An attribute with the specified name already exists
DuplicateCheckNotEnabled -2147187694 Duplicate detection is not enabled. To enable duplicate detection, click Settings, click Data Management, and then click Duplicate Detection Settings.
DuplicateCheckNotSupportedOnEntity -2147187696 Duplicate detection is not supported on this record type.
DuplicateDetectionNotSupportedOnAttributeType -2147187664 The rule condition cannot be created or updated because duplicate detection is not supported on the data type of the selected attribute.
DuplicateDetectionTemplateNotFound -2147187676 Microsoft Dynamics CRM could not retrieve the e-mail notification template.
DuplicateDisplayCollectionName -2147192814 An object with the specified display collection name already exists.
DuplicateDisplayName -2147192815 An object with the specified display name already exists.
DuplicateHeaderColumn -2147220680 A duplicate column heading exists.
DuplicateIsoCurrencyCode -2147185421 Cannot insert duplicate currency record. Currency with the same currency code already exist in the system.
DuplicateLookupFound -2147220654 A duplicate lookup reference was found
DuplicateMapName -2147187645 A data map with the specified name already exists.
DuplicateName -2147192816 An object with the specified name already exists
DuplicateOfflineFilter -2147187639 You can create only one local data group for each record type.
DuplicateOutlookAppointment -2147220876 The Appointment being promoted from Outlook is already tracked in CRM
DuplicateProductPriceLevel -2147206392 This product and unit combination has a price for this price list.
DuplicateRecord -2147220937 Operation failed due to a SQL integrity violation.
DuplicateRecordsFound -2147220685 A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists.
DuplicateReportVisibility -2147220331 A ReportVisibility with the same ReportId and VisibilityCode already exists. Duplicates are not allowed.
EmailRecipientNotSpecified -2147218684 The e-mail must have at least one recipient before it can be sent
EmptyContent -2147220635 The file is empty.
EmptyHeaderColumn -2147220681 The column heading cannot be empty.
EmptyHeaderRow -2147220634 The first row of the file is empty.
EmptyImportFileRow -2147220665 Empty row.
EmptyRecord -2147220621 The record is empty
EmptyXml -2147220990 Empty XML.
EndUserNotificationTypeNotValidForEmail -2147167599 Cannot send Email for EndUserNotification Type: {0}.
EntityCannotBeChildInCustomRelationship -2147204307 This entity is not valid for a custom reflexive relationship
EntityCannotParticipateInEntityAssociation -2147204302 This entity cannot participate in an entity association
EntityDupCheckNotSupportedSystemWide -2147187663 Duplicate detection is not enabled for one or more of the selected entities. The duplicate detection job cannot be started.
EntityHasNoStateCode -2147192811 Specified entity does not have a statecode.
EntityInstantiationFailed -2147220925 Instantiation of an Entity instance Service failed.
EntityIsLocked -2147206371 This entity is already locked.
EntityIsNotCustomizable -2147192824 The specified entity is not customizable
EntityIsUnlocked -2147206370 This entity is already unlocked.
EntityLoopBeingCreated -2147220601 Creating this parental association would create a loop in this entity hierarchy.
EntityLoopExists -2147220602 Loop exists in this entity hierarchy.
EntityRelationshipRoleCustomLabelsMissing -2147204312 Custom labels must be provided if an entity relationship role has a display option of UseCustomLabels
EntityRelationshipSchemaNameNotUnique -2147204309 A relationship with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
EntityRelationshipSchemaNameRequired -2147204310 Entity relationships require a name
ErrorGeneratingInvitation -2147176429 Some Internal error occurred in generating invitation token, Please try again later
ErrorIncreate -2147220647 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be created
ErrorInImportConfig -2147220701 Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration has some errors.
ErrorInParseRow -2147220666 The row could not be parsed. This is typically caused by a row that is too long.
ErrorInSetState -2147220649 The status or status reason of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be set
ErrorInUpdate -2147220648 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be updated
ErrorsInWorkflowDefinition -2147187627 The selected workflow has errors and cannot be published. Please open the workflow, remove the errors and try again.
ErrorUploadingReport -2147188072 An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft CRM. Try adding the report again. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.
ExchangeRateOfBaseCurrencyNotUpdatable -2147185419 The exchange rate of the base currency cannot be modified.
ExistingExternalReport -2147220344 The report could not be published for external use because a report of the same name already exists. Delete that report in SQL Server Reporting Services or rename this report, and try again.
ExistingParentalRelationship -2147188219 A parental relationship already exists.
ExpiredAuthTicket -2147180287 The ticket specified for authentication is expired
ExpiredKey -2147180282 The key specified to compute a hash value is expired, only active keys are valid.  Expired Key : {0}.
ExtraPartyInformation -2147220714 Extra party information should not be provided for this operation.
FailedToDeserializeAsyncOperationData -2147204348 Failed to deserialize async operation data.
FailedToGetNetworkServiceName -2147192573 Failed to obtain the localized name for NetworkService account
FailedToLoadAssembly -2147220914 Failed to load assembly
FailedToScheduleActivity -2147192832 Failed to schedule activity.
FaxNoData -2147207914 The fax cannot be sent because there is no data to send. Specify at least one of the following: a cover page, a fax attachment, a fax description.
FaxNoSupport -2147207913 The fax cannot be sent because this type of attachment is not allowed or does not support virtual printing to a fax device.
FaxSendBlocked -2147207920 The recipient is marked as \"Do Not Fax\".
FaxServiceNotRunning -2147207919 The Microsoft Windows fax service is not running or is not installed.
FileInUse -2147186633 Could not read the file because another application is using the file.
FileNotFound -2147187648 The attachment file was not found.
FileReadError -2147187657 There was an error reading the file from the file system. Make sure you have read permission for this file, and then try migrating the file again.
FilteredDuetoAntiSpam -2147220699 This customer is filtered due to AntiSpam settings.
FilteredDuetoInactiveState -2147220694 This customer is filtered due to inactive state.
FilteredDuetoMissingEmailAddress -2147220690 This customer is filtered due to missing email address.
FiscalSettingsAlreadyUpdated -2147207159 Fiscal settings have already been updated. They can be updated only once.
GenericActiveDirectoryError -2147214025 Active Directory Error.
GenericTransformationInvocationError -2147220613 The transformation returned invalid data.
GoOfflineBCPFileSize -2147204572 Client was not able to download BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineDbSizeLimit -2147204574 You have exceeded the storage limit for your offline database. You must reduce the amount of data to be taken offline by changing your Local Data Groups.
GoOfflineFailedMoveData -2147204571 Client was not able to download data. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineFailedPrepareMsde -2147204570 Prepare MSDE failed. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineFailedReloadMetadataCache -2147204569 The Microsoft CRM client for Outlook was unable to go offline. Please try going offline again.
GoOfflineGetBCPFileException -2147204575 CRM server was not able to process your request. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineMetadataVersionsMismatch -2147204576 Client and Server metadata versions are different due to new customization on the server. Please try going offline again.
GoOfflineServerFailedGenerateBCPFile -2147204573 CRM server was not able to generate BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GuidNotPresent -2147220638 The required globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is not present
HeaderValueDoesNotMatchAttributeDisplayLabel -2147220624 The column heading does not match the attribute display label.
ImportArticleTemplateError -2147188723 There was an error in parsing the article templates in Import Xml
ImportConfigNotSpecified -2147220702 Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration not specified.
ImportContractTemplateError -2147188725 There was an error in parsing the contract templates in Import Xml
ImportEmailTemplateError -2147188724 There was an error in parsing the email templates in Import Xml
ImportEmailTemplatePersonalError -2147188716 E-mail Template was not imported. The Template is a personal template on the target system; import cannot overwrite personal templates.
ImportEntityCustomResourcesError -2147188734 Invalid Custom Resources in the Import File
ImportEntityCustomResourcesNewStringError -2147188733 Invalid Entity new string in the Custom Resources
ImportEntityIconError -2147188735 Invalid Icon in the Import File
ImportEntityNameMismatchError -2147188728 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportEntitySystemUserLiveMismatchError -2147188699 The systemuser entity was not imported. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live can only import the systemuser entity from another Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live organization.
ImportEntitySystemUserOnPremiseMismatchError -2147188700 The systemuser entity was not imported. On-premise and hosted versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot import the systemuser entity from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live.
ImportFieldXmlError -2147188730 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportFileTooLargeToUpload -2147220619 The import file is too large to upload.
ImportFormXmlError -2147188729 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportGenericEntitiesError -2147188704 An error occurred while importing generic entities.
ImportInvalidFileError -2147188736 Invalid Import File
ImportIsvConfigError -2147188722 There was an error parsing the IsvConfig during Import
ImportLanguagesIgnoredError -2147188698 Translated labels for the following languages could not be imported because they have not been enabled for this organization: {0}
ImportMailMergeTemplateError -2147187626 There was an error in parsing the mail merge templates in Import Xml
ImportMapInUse -2147187611 One or more of the selected data maps cannot be deleted because it is currently used in a data import.
ImportMappingsInvalidIdSpecified -2147187673 The XML file has one or more invalid IDs. The specified ID cannot be used as a unique identifier.
ImportMappingsMissingEntityMapError -2147188720 This customization file contains a reference to an entity map that does not exist on the target system.
ImportMappingsSystemMapError -2147188721 Import cannot create system attribute mappings
ImportNonWellFormedFileError -2147188717 Invalid customization file. This file is not well formed.
ImportOperationChildFailure -2147204300 One or more of the Import Child Jobs Failed
ImportOrgSettingsError -2147188711 There was an error parsing the Organization Settings during Import
ImportPluginTypesError -2147188718 An error occurred while importing Plugin Types.
ImportRelationshipRoleMapsError -2147188726 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportRelationshipRolesError -2147188727 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportRoleError -2147188713 Cannot import security role. The role with specified role id is not updatable or role name is not unique.
ImportRolePermissionError -2147188712 User must be a system administrator to import security roles
ImportSavedQueryDeletedError -2147188709 A saved query with the same id is marked as deleted in the system. Please first publish the customized entity and import again.
ImportSavedQueryExistingError -2147188731 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportSavedQueryOtcMismatchError -2147188732 There was an error processing saved queries of the same object type code (unresolvable system collision)
ImportSdkMessagesError -2147188714 An error occurred while importing Sdk Messages.
ImportSiteMapError -2147188719 An error occurred while importing the Site Map.
ImportWorkflowAttributeDependencyError -2147188702 Cannot import workflow definition. Required attribute dependency is missing.
ImportWorkflowEntityDependencyError -2147188701 Cannot import workflow definition. Required entity dependency is missing.
ImportWorkflowError -2147188703 Cannot import workflow definition. The workflow with specified workflow id is not updatable or workflow name is not unique.
ImportWorkflowNameConflictError -2147188697 Workflow {0} cannot be imported because a workflow with same name and different unique identifier exists in the target system. Change the name of this workflow, and then try again.
ImportWorkflowPublishedError -2147188696 Workflow {0} cannot be imported because a workflow with same unique identifier is published on the target system. Unpublish the workflow on the target system before attempting to import this workflow again.
IncidentCannotCancel -2147204082 The incident can not be cancelled because there are open activities for this incident.
IncidentContractDoesNotHaveAllotments -2147204093 The contract does not have enough allotments. The case can not be created against this contract.
IncidentInvalidAllotmentType -2147204085 The allotment type for the contract is invalid.
IncidentInvalidContractLineStateForCreate -2147204083 The case can not be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is cancelled or expired.
IncidentInvalidContractStateForCreate -2147204096 The case can not be created against this contract because of the contract state.
IncidentIsAlreadyClosedOrCancelled -2147204079 Already Closed or Canceled
IncidentMissingActivityRegardingObject -2147204087 The incident id is missing.
IncidentMissingContractDetail -2147204095 The contract detail id is missing.
IncidentNullSpentTimeOrBilled -2147204084 The timespent on the Incident is NULL or IncidentResolution Activity's IsBilled is NULL.
IncompleteTransformationParameterMappingsFound -2147220611 One or more mandatory transformation parameters do not have mappings defined for them.
InsertOptionValueInvalidType -2147204320 You can add option values only to picklist and status attributes.
InsufficientAuthTicket -2147180285 The ticket specified for authentication didn't meet policy
IntegerValueOutOfRange -2147204305 A validation error occurred. An integer provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
IntegratedAuthenticationIsNotAllowed -2147204351 Integrated authentication is not allowed.
InvalidAccessRights -2147220979 Invalid access rights.
InvalidActivityType -2147220703 An invalid object type was specified for distributing activities.
InvalidActivityTypeForCampaignActivityPropagate -2147220721 Must specify a valid CommunicationActivity
InvalidActivityTypeForList -2147220731 Cannot create activities of the specified list type.
InvalidActivityXml -2147207916 Invalid Xml in an activity config file.
InvalidAllotmentsCalc -2147220241 Allotments: remaining + used != total
InvalidAllotmentsRemaining -2147220238 The allotments remaining is invalid
InvalidAllotmentsTotal -2147220240 The total allotments is invalid
InvalidAllotmentsUsed -2147220239 The allotments used is invalid
InvalidAmountProvided -2147176403 The service component {0} cannot have a provide {1} of resource type {2}.
InvalidArgument -2147220989 Invalid argument.
InvalidArticleState -2147220229 The article state is undefined
InvalidArticleStateTransition -2147220228 This article state transition is invalid because of the current state of the article
InvalidArticleTemplateState -2147220227 The article template state is undefined
InvalidAssigneeId -2147220976 Invalid assignee id.
InvalidAttributeMap -2147196413 InvalidAttributeMap Error Occurred
InvalidAttributeMapping -2147187656 One or more attribute mappings is invalid.
InvalidAuthTicket -2147180288 The ticket specified for authentication didn't pass validation
InvalidBaseUnit -2147206389 The base unit does not belong to the schedule.
InvalidCaller -2147220905 Cannot switch ExecutionContext to system user without setting Caller first.
InvalidCascadeLinkType -2147188220 The cascade link type is not valid for the cascade action.
InvalidChannelForCampaignActivityPropagate -2147220720 Cannot distribute activities for campaign activities of the specified channel type.
InvalidColumnMapping -2147220617 ColumnMapping is Invalid. Check that the target attribute exists.
InvalidColumnNumber -2147220682 The column number specified in the data map does not exist.
InvalidConnectionString -2147220929 The connection string not found or invalid.
InvalidContractDetailId -2147220234 The Contract detail id is invalid
InvalidCurrency -2147185412 The currency is invalid.
InvalidCustomer -2147220947 The customer is invalid.
InvalidCustomReportingWizardXml -2147220335 Invalid wizard xml
InvalidDataFormat -2147220650 The source data is not in the required format
InvalidDateTime -2147220935 The date-time format is invalid, or value is outside the supported range.
InvalidDeleteModification -2147188221 A system relationship's delete cascading action cannot be modified.
InvalidDisplayName -2147192820 The specified display name is not valid
InvalidDomainName -2147188715 The domain logon for this user is invalid. Select another domain logon and try again.
InvalidEmail -2147176426 Email generated from the template is not valid
InvalidEmailAddressFormat -2147204718 Invalid e-mail address. For more information, contact your system administrator.
InvalidEmailTemplate -2147220717 Must specify a valid Template Id
InvalidEntityClassException -2147220919 Invalid entity class.
InvalidEntityName -2147187690 The record type does not match the base record type and the matching record type of the duplicate detection rule.
InvalidExchangeRate -2147185411 The exchange rate is invalid.
InvalidFetchXml -2147220733 Malformed FetchXml.
InvalidFormatForDataDelimiter -2147220651 Mismatched data delimiter: only one delimiter was found.
InvalidFormatParameters -2147192575 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
InvalidGranularityValue -2147176392 The Granularity column value is incorrect. Each rule part must be a name-value pair separated by an equal sign (=). For example: FREQ=Minutes;INTERVAL=15
InvalidGuid -2147220637 The globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is invalid
InvalidHeaderColumn -2147220668 The column heading contains an invalid combination of data delimiters.
InvalidImportFileContent -2147220620 The content of the import file is not valid. You must select a text file.
InvalidImportFileData -2147220655 The data is not in the required format
InvalidImportFileParseData -2147220663 Field and data delimiters for this file are not specified.
InvalidInvitationLiveId -2147167730 A user with this e-mail address was not found. Sign in to Windows Live ID with the same e-mail address where you received the invitation.  If you do not have a Windows Live ID, please create one using that e-mail address.
InvalidInvitationToken -2147167731 The invitation token {0} is not correctly formatted.
InvalidIsFirstRowHeaderForUseSystemMap -2147220636 The first row of the file does not contain column headings.
InvalidIsoCurrencyCode -2147185422 Invalid ISO currency code.
InvalidKit -2147206403 The product is not a kit.
InvalidKitProduct -2147206402 The product cannot be added to itself.
InvalidLanguageCode -2147204715 The specified language code is not valid for this organization.
InvalidLicenseCannotReadMpcFile -2147167675 Invalid license. MPC code cannot be read from MPC.txt file with this path {0}.
InvalidLicenseKey -2147167680 Invalid license key ({0}).
InvalidLicenseMpcCode -2147167674 Invalid license. Invalid MPC code ({0}).
InvalidLicensePid -2147167678 Invalid license. Invalid PID (Product Id) ({0}).
InvalidLicensePidGenCannotLoad -2147167677 Invalid license. PidGen.dll cannot be loaded from this path {0}
InvalidLicensePidGenOtherError -2147167676 Invalid license. Cannot generate PID (Product Id) from License key. PidGen error code ({0}).
InvalidMaximumResourceLimit -2147176405 The resource type {0} cannot have a maximum limit of {1}.
InvalidMetadata -2147220934 Invalid Metadata.
InvalidMinimumResourceLimit -2147176406 The resource type {0} cannot have a minimum limit of {1}.
InvalidNetPrice -2147220237 The net price is invalid
InvalidNumberGroupFormat -2147207424 Invalid input string for numbergroupformat. The input string should contain an array of integers. Every element in the value array should be between one and nine, except for the last element, which can be zero.
InvalidObjectTypes -2147220961 Invalid object type.
InvalidOfflineOperation -2147204850 Operation not valid when offline.
InvalidOperation -2147220933 Invalid Operation performed.
InvalidOperationForClosedOrCancelledCampaignActivity -2147220716 Can not add items to closed (cancelled) campaignactivity.
InvalidOperationWhenListIsNotActive -2147220678 List is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
InvalidOperationWhenListLocked -2147220734 List is Locked. Cannot perform this action.
InvalidOperationWhenPartyIsNotActive -2147220677 The party is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
InvalidOperatorCode -2147187691 The operator is not valid or it is not supported.
InvalidOrganizationFriendlyName -2147167662 Invalid organization friendly name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
InvalidOrganizationId -2147204536 The organization id present in the translations file does not match with the current organization id.
InvalidOrganizationUniqueName -2147167663 Invalid organization unique name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
InvalidOrgOwnedCascadeLinkType -2147204778 Cascade User-Owned is not a valid cascade link type for org-owned entity relationships.
InvalidOwnerID -2147220951 The owner ID is invalid or missing.
InvalidOwnershipTypeMask -2147192819 The specified ownership type mask is not valid for this operation
InvalidParent -2147220987 The parent object is invalid or missing.
InvalidParentId -2147220986 The parent id is invalid or missing.
InvalidPartyMapping -2147207915 Invalid party mapping.
InvalidPointer -2147220968 The object is disposed.
InvalidPriceLevelCurrencyForPricingMethod -2147185415 The currency of the price list needs to match the currency of the product for pricing method percentage.
InvalidPricePerUnit -2147206384 The price per unit is invalid.
InvalidPrimaryFieldType -2147192818 Primary UI Attribute has to be of type String
InvalidPrimaryKey -2147220890 Invalid primary key.
InvalidPriv -2147220917 Invalid privilege type.
InvalidPrivilegeDepth -2147216373 Invalid privilege depth.
InvalidQuantityDecimalCode -2147206404 The quantity decimal code is invalid.
InvalidRecurrenceRule -2147220922 Error in RecurrencePatternFactory.
InvalidRegardingObjectTypeCode -2147220711 The regarding Object Type Code is not valid for the Bulk Operation.
InvalidRegistryKey -2147220916 Invalid registry key specified.
InvalidRelationshipDescription -2147192829 The specified relationship cannot be created
InvalidRelationshipType -2147192817 The specified relationship type is not valid for this operation
InvalidResourceType -2147176407 The requested action is not valid for resource type {0}.
InvalidRestore -2147220904 RestoreCaller must be called after SwitchToSystemUser.
InvalidRole -2147176430 You have not assigned roles to this user
InvalidRollupType -2147220940 The rollup type is invalid.
InvalidSchemaName -2147192821 An entity with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
InvalidSharee -2147220980 Invalid share id.
InvalidSingletonResults -2147220913 Crm Internal Exception: Singleton Retrieve Query should not return more than 1 record.
InvalidState -2147220941 The object is not in a valid state to perform this operation.
InvalidStateCodeStatusCode -2147187704 State code is invalid or state code is valid but status code is invalid for a specified state code.
InvalidSubstituteProduct -2147206401 A product cannot be a substitute of itself.
InvalidTargetEntity -2147220631 The specified target record type does not exist.
InvalidTemplate -2147176432 The Invitation Email template is not valid
InvalidTotalDiscount -2147220236 The total discount is invalid
InvalidTotalPrice -2147220235 The total price is invalid
InvalidTransformationParameter -2147220599 A parameter for the transformation is either missing or invalid.
InvalidTransformationParameterDataType -2147220608 The data type of one or more of the transformation parameters is unsupported.
InvalidTransformationParameterMapping -2147220606 The transformation parameter mapping defined is invalid. Check that the target attribute name exists.
InvalidTransformationParameterMappings -2147220612 One or more transformation parameter mappings are invalid or do not match the transformation parameter description.
InvalidTransformationType -2147220614 The specified transformation type is not supported.
InvalidTranslationsFile -2147204535 The translations file is invalid or does not confirm to the required schema.
InvalidUserAuth -2147220988 Invalid user auth.
InvalidUserLicenseCount -2147176409 Cannot purchase {0} user licenses for the Offering {1}.
InvalidUserQuota -2147176431 You have reached the maximum number of user quota
InvalidValueForCountryCode -2147176414 Account country code must not be {0}
InvalidValueForCurrency -2147176413 Account currency code must not be {0}
InvalidValueForDataDelimiter -2147220671 The data delimiter is invalid.
InvalidValueForFieldDelimiter -2147220672 The field delimiter is invalid.
InvalidValueForLocale -2147176412 Account locale code must not be {0}
InvalidVersion -2147220932 Unhandled Version mismatch found.
InvalidWordXmlFile -2147187647 Only Microsoft Word xml format files can be uploaded.
InvalidXml -2147220991 Invalid XML.
InvalidXmlCollectionNameException -2147220921 Invalid Xml collection name.
InvalidXmlEntityNameException -2147220920 Invalid Xml entity name.
InvitationCannotBeReset -2147167728 The invitation for the user cannot be reset.
InvitationIsAccepted -2147167736 {0} -- Invitation has already been accepted -- Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
InvitationIsExpired -2147167737 {0} -- Invitation is expired -- Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
InvitationIsRejected -2147167735 {0} -- Invitation has already been rejected by the new user-- Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
InvitationIsRevoked -2147167734 {0} -- Invitation has been revoked by the organization -- Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
InvitationNotFound -2147167740 {0} -- Invitation not found or status is not Open -- Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
InvitationSendToSelf -2147167729 The invitation cannot be sent to yourself.
InvitationStatusError -2147167732 \"The invitation has status {0}.\"
InvitationWrongUserOrgRelation -2147167738 {0} -- The pre-created userorg relation {1} is wrong.  Authentication {2} is already used by another user
InvitedUserAlreadyAdded -2147167739 {0} -- The crm user {1} is already added, but to organization {2} instead of the inviting organization {3}
InvitedUserAlreadyExists -2147167742 {0} -- Invited user is already in an organization -- {1}
InvitedUserIsOrganization -2147167741 {0} -- The user {1} has authentication {2} and is already related to organization {3} with relation id {4}
InvitedUserMultipleTimes -2147167733 The CRM user {0} has been invited multiple times.
InvitingOrganizationNotFound -2147167744 {0} -- Inviting organization not found -- {1}
InvitingUserNotInOrganization -2147167743 {0} -- Inviting user is not in the inviting organization -- {1}
IsNotLiveToSendInvitation -2147176439 This functionality is not supported, its only available for Live solution.
IsvAborted -2147220891 ISV code aborted the operation.
IsvExtensionsPrivilegeNotPresent -2147188695 To import ISV.Config, your user account must be associated with a security role that includes the ISV Extensions privilege.
JobNameIsEmptyOrNull -2147187625 Job Name can not be null or empty.
LeadAlreadyInClosedState -2147220199 The lead is already closed.
LeadAlreadyInOpenState -2147220200 The lead is already in the open state.
LicenseNotEnoughToActivate -2147209452 There are not enough licenses available for the number of users being activated.
LicenseRegistrationExpired -2147204771 The registration period for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
LicenseTampered -2147204769 The licensing for this installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been tampered with. The system is unusable. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
LicenseTrialExpired -2147204772 The trial installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
LicenseUpgradePathNotAllowed -2147167673 Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
LiveAdminUnknownCommand -2147167687 Unknown administration command {0}
LiveAdminUnknownObject -2147167688 Unknown administration target {0}
LivePlatformEmailInvalidBody -2147175132 The \"Body\" parameter is blank or null
LivePlatformEmailInvalidFrom -2147175134 The \"From\" parameter is blank or null
LivePlatformEmailInvalidSubject -2147175133 The \"Subject\" parameter is blank or null
LivePlatformEmailInvalidTo -2147175135 The \"To\" parameter is blank or null
LivePlatformGeneralEmailError -2147109600 An Email Error Occurred
LongParseRow -2147220622 The row is too long to import
LookupNotFound -2147220653 The lookup reference could not be resolved
LowQuantityGreaterThanHighQuantity -2147206399 Low quantity should be less than high quantity.
LowQuantityLessThanZero -2147206400 Low quantity should be greater than zero.
MappingExistsForTargetAttribute -2147220674 This attribute is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
MaxMatchCodeLengthExceeded -2147187671 The rule condition cannot be created or updated because it would cause the matchcode length to exceed the maximum limit.
MergeActiveQuoteError -2147200254 Merge cannot be performed on sub-entity that has active quote.
MergeCyclicalParentingError -2147200256 Merge could create cyclical parenting.
MergeDifferentlyParentedWarning -2147200234 Merge warning: sub-entity will be differently parented.
MergeEntitiesIdenticalError -2147200251 Merge cannot be performed on master and sub-entities that are identical.
MergeEntityNotActiveError -2147200252 Merge cannot be performed on entity that is inactive.
MergeLossOfParentingWarning -2147200233 Merge warning: sub-entity might lose parenting
MergeSecurityError -2147200255 Merge is not allowed: caller does not have the privilege or access.
MetadataNoMapping -2147217919 The mapping between specified entities does not exist
MetadataNotFound -2147220918 Metadata not found.
MetadataNotSerializable -2147217917 The given metadata entity is not serializable
MetadataRecordNotDeletable -2147204528 The metadata record being deleted cannot be deleted by the end user
MissingBOWFRules -2147220695 Bulk Operation related workflow rules are missing.
MissingBusinessId -2147220966 The business id is missing or invalid.
MissingColumn -2147176408 The property bag is missing an entry for {0}.
MissingCrmAuthenticationToken -2147204352 CrmAuthenticationToken is missing.
MissingCrmAuthenticationTokenOrganizationName -2147204344 Organization Name must be specified in CrmAuthenticationToken.
MissingOpportunityId -2147206379 The opportunity id is missing or invalid.
MissingOrganizationFriendlyName -2147176438 Cannot install CRM without an organization friendly name.
MissingOrganizationUniqueName -2147176437 Cannot install CRM without an organization unique name.
MissingOwner -2147220971 Item does not have an owner.
MissingParameter -2147220705 A required parameter is missing for the Bulk Operation
MissingParameterToMethod -2147176415 Missing parameter {0} to method {1}
MissingParameterToStoredProcedure -2147172352 Missing parameter to stored procedure:  {0}
MissingPriceLevelId -2147206382 The price level id is missing.
MissingProductId -2147206383 The product id is missing.
MissingQueryType -2147220939 The query type is missing.
MissingRecipient -2147207923 The fax must have a recipient before it can be sent.
MissingTeamName -2147214069 The team name was unexpectedly missing.
MissingUomId -2147206387 The unit id is missing.
MissingUomScheduleId -2147206390 The unit schedule id is missing.
MissingUserId -2147220965 The user id or the team id is missing.
MoneySizeExceeded -2147220713 Supplied value exceeded the MIN/MAX value of Money Type field.
MoveBothWebStoreToPrimary -2147167692 Move operation would put both instances on the same server:  Database = {0}  Old Primary = {1}  Old Secondary = {2}  New Secondary = {3}
MoveBothWebStoreToSecondary -2147167691 Move operation would put both instances on the same server:  Database = {0}  Old Primary = {1}  Old Secondary = {2}  New Secondary = {3}
MoveOrganizationFailedNotDisabled -2147167690 Move operation failed because organization {0} is not disabled
MultipleChildPicklist -2147220912 Crm Internal Exception: Picklists with more than one childAttribute are not supported.
MultipleFilesFound -2147187655 The attachment file name is not unique.
MultipleOrganizationsNotAllowed -2147214027 Only one organization and one root business are allowed.
MultipleParentsNotSupported -2147192825 An entity can have only one parental relationship
MultipleRelationshipsNotSupported -2147188224 Multiple relationships are not supported
NavPaneNotCustomizable -2147204311 The nav pane properties for this relationship are not customizable
NavPaneOrderValueNotAllowed -2147204313 The provided nav pane order value is not allowed
NewStatusHasInvalidState -2147204318 The state value that was provided for this new status option does not exist.
NewStatusRequiresAssociatedState -2147204319 The new status option must have an associated state value.
NoAdditionalLanguageProvisioned -2147204716 There is no language provisioned other than the base language for this organization.
NoAttributesForEntityCreate -2147192812 No attributes for Create Entity action.
NoDialNumber -2147207921 There is no fax number specified on the fax or for the recipient.
NoHeaderColumnFound -2147220632 A column heading is missing.
NoLanguageProvisioned -2147204711 There is no language provisioned for this organization.
NoLicenseInConfigDB -2147167679 No license exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database.
NoMoreCustomOptionValuesExist -2147204321 All available custom option values have been used.
NoncompliantXml -2147187675 The input XML does not comply with the XML schema.
NonMappableEntity -2147196416 NonMappableEntity Error Occurred
NoOutputTransformationParameterMappingFound -2147220604 There is no output transformation parameter mapping defined. A transformation mapping must have atleast one output transformation parameter mapping.
NoPrivilegeToPublishWorkflow -2147201002 User does not have sufficient privileges to publish workflows.
NoPublishedDuplicateDetectionRules -2147187658 There are no published duplicate detection rules in the system. To run duplicate detection, you must create and publish one or more rules.
NotAWellFormedXml -2147187674 The input XML is not well-formed XML.
NotImplemented -2147220967 The requested functionality is not yet implemented.
NotSupported -2147220715 This action is not supported.
NullArticleTemplateFormatXml -2147220232 The article template formatxml cannot be NULL
NullArticleTemplateStructureXml -2147220231 The article template structurexml cannot be NULL
NullArticleXml -2147220233 The article xml cannot be NULL
NullKBArticleTemplateId -2147220230 The kbarticletemplateid cannot be NULL
NumberFormatFailed -2147220903 Failed to produce a formatted numeric value.
ObjectDoesNotExist -2147220969 The specified object was not found.
ObjectNotFoundInAD -2147214038 The object does not exist in active directory.
ObjectNotRelatedToCampaign -2147220722 Specified Object not related to the parent Campaign
OfferingCategoryAndTokenNull -2147176436 Offer category and Billing Token are both missing, but at least one is required.
OfferingIdNotSupported -2147176435 This version does not support search for offering id.
OfflineFilterNestedDateTimeOR -2147187632 You cannot use nested date time conditions within an OR clause in a local data group.
OfflineFilterParentDownloaded -2147187631 You cannot use the Parent Downloaded condition in a local data group.
OnlyDisabledOrganizationCanBeDeleted -2147176401 Can not delete enabled organization. Organization must be disabled before it can be deleted.
OnlyOwnerCanRevoke -2147220957 Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner's access to that object.
OnlyStepInPredefinedStagesCanBeModified -2147204732 Only step in BeforeMainOperationOutsideTransaction and AfterMainOperationOutsideTransaction stages can be modified.
OnlyStepInServerOnlyCanHaveSecureConfiguration -2147204731 Only SdkMessageProcessingStep with ServerOnly supported deployment can have secure configuration.
OnlyStepOutsideTransactionCanCreateCrmService -2147204730 Only SdkMessageProcessingStep in parent pipeline and in stages outside transaction can create CrmService to prevent deadlock.
OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBePublished -2147201011 Only workflow definition or draft workflow template can be published.
OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBeUnpublished -2147201010 Only workflow definition or workflow template can be unpublished.
OpenCrmDBConnection -2147220930 Db Connection is Open, when it should be Closed.
OperationCanBeCalledOnlyOnce -2147220684 The specified action can be done only one time.
OperationOrganizationNotFullyDisabled -2147167686 The {1} operation failed because organization {0} is not fully disabled yet.  Use FORCE to override
OpportunityAlreadyInOpenState -2147220198 The opportunity is already in the open state.
OpportunityCannotBeClosed -2147220202 The opportunity cannot be closed.
OpportunityIsAlreadyClosed -2147220203 The opportunity is already closed.
OptionReorderArrayIncorrectLength -2147204316 The array of option values that were provided for reordering does not match the number of options for the attribute.
OrganizationDisabled -2147180284 The specified organization is disabled
OrganizationTakenBySomeoneElse -2147176433 The organization {0} is already purchased by another customer.
OrganizationTakenByYou -2147176434 The organization {0} is already purchased by you.
OwnerMappingExistsWithSourceSystemUserName -2147220669 The data map already contains this owner mapping.
OwnerValueNotMapped -2147220639 The owner value is not mapped
ParentBusinessDoesNotExist -2147214045 The parent business Id is invalid.
ParentReadOnly -2147206391 The parent is read only and cannot be edited.
ParentReportLinksToSameNameChild -2147220330 Parent report already links to another report with the same name.
ParentUserDoesNotExist -2147214041 The parent user Id is invalid.
ParseMustBeCalledBeforeTransform -2147220623 Cannot call transform before parse.
ParsingMetadataNotFound -2147220633 Data required to parse the file, such as the data delimiter, field delimiter, or column headings, was not found.
PercentageDiscountCannotHaveCurrency -2147185423 Currency cannot be set when discount type is percentage.
PickListMappingExistsForTargetValue -2147220673 This list value is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
PickListMappingExistsWithSourceValue -2147220670 The data map already contains this list value mapping.
PicklistValueNotFound -2147220589 The file specifies a list value that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
PicklistValueNotMapped -2147220640 The list value is not mapped
PicklistValueNotUnique -2147204336 The picklist value already exists.  Picklist values must be unique.
PicklistValueOutOfRange -2147204326 The picklist value is out of the range.
PluginAssemblyMustHavePublicKeyToken -2147204756 Public assembly must have public key token.
PluginDoesNotImplementCorrectInterface -2147180032 The plugin specified does not implement the required interface Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IPlugin
PresentParentAccountAndParentContact -2147220216 You can either specify a contacts parent contact or its account, but not both.
PreviousOperationNotComplete -2147187612 An operation on which this operation depends did not complete successfully.
PriceLevelNameExists -2147206385 The name already exists.
PriceLevelNoName -2147206386 The name can not be null.
PrincipalPrivilegeDenied -2147220943 Target user does not hold required privileges.
PrivilegeCreateIsDisabledForOrganization -2147220874 Privilege Create is disabled for organization.
PrivilegeDenied -2147220960 The user does not hold the necessary privileges.
ProductDoesNotExist -2147206364 The product does not exist.
ProductInvalidPriceLevelPercentage -2147206388 The pricing percentage must be greater than or equal to zero and less than 100000.
ProductInvalidQuantityDecimal -2147206393 The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid.
ProductInvalidUnit -2147206380 The specified unit is not valid for this product.
ProductKitLoopBeingCreated -2147206365 Using this product would create a loop in the kit hierarchy.
ProductKitLoopExists -2147206366 Loop exists in the kit hierarchy.
ProductMissingUomSheduleId -2147206381 The unit schedule id of the product is missing.
ProductNoProductNumber -2147206395 The product number can not be null.
ProductProductNumberExists -2147206394 The product number already exists.
PublishedWorkflowOwnershipChange -2147201012 A published workflow can only be assigned to the caller.
PublishingDuplicateViewNotSupported -2147187610 An entity contains two views with the same name. Remove one of the views and try to publish again.
QuantityReadonly -2147206376 Do not modify the Quantity field when you update the primary unit.
QueryBuilderAlias_Does_Not_Exist -2147217142 The specified alias for the given entity in the condition does not exist.
QueryBuilderAttribute_With_Aggregate -2147217145 Attributes can not be returned when aggregate operation is specified.
QueryBuilderAttributeNotFound -2147217122 A required attribute was not specified.
QueryBuilderAttributePairMismatch -2147217135 AttributeFrom and AttributeTo must be either both specified or both omitted.
QueryBuilderBad_Condition -2147217146 Incorrect filter condition or conditions.
QueryBuilderByAttributeMismatch -2147217137 QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty value array with the same number of elements as in the attributes array.
QueryBuilderByAttributeNonEmpty -2147217136 QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty attribute array.
QueryBuilderColumnSetVersionMissing -2147217133 The specified columnset version is invalid.
QueryBuilderDeserializeEmptyXml -2147217116 Xml String can't be null.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidAggregate -2147217126 The only valid value for aggregate attribute is 'count'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDescending -2147217127 The only valid values for descending attribute are 'true', 'false', '1', and '0'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDistinct -2147217131 The only valid values for distinct attribute are 'true', 'false', '1', and '0'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidLinkType -2147217129 The only valid values for link-type attribute are 'natural', 'inner', and 'outer'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidMapping -2147217130 The only valid values for mapping are 'logical' or 'internal' which is deprecated.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNode -2147217124 The element node encountered is invalid.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidUtcOffset -2147217123 The utc-offset attribute is not supported for deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeNoDocElemXml -2147217115 Document Element can't be null.
QueryBuilderElementNotFound -2147217117 A required element was not specified.
QueryBuilderEntitiesDontMatch -2147217112 The entity name specified in fetchxml does not match the entity name specified in the Entity or Query Expression.
QueryBuilderInvalid_Alias -2147217143 Invalid alias for aggregate operation.
QueryBuilderInvalid_Value -2147217144 Invalid value specified for type.
QueryBuilderInvalidColumnSetVersion -2147217134 The specified columnset version is invalid.
QueryBuilderInvalidConditionOperator -2147217120 Unsupported condition operator.
QueryBuilderInvalidFilterType -2147217118 Unsupported filter type. Valid values are 'and', or 'or'.
QueryBuilderInvalidJoinOperator -2147217119 Unsupported join operator.
QueryBuilderInvalidOrderType -2147217121 A valid order type must be set in the order before calling this method.
QueryBuilderInvalidPagingCookie -2147217110 Invalid page number in paging cookie.
QueryBuilderInvalidUpdate -2147217152 An attempt was made to update a non-updateable field.
QueryBuilderLinkNodeForOrderNotFound -2147217114 Converting from Query to EntityExpression failed. Link Node for order was not found.
QueryBuilderMulti_Primary_Key -2147217147 Found an unexpected multiple-column primary key.
QueryBuilderMultipleIntersectEntities -2147217138 More than one intersect entity exists between the two entities specified.
QueryBuilderNo_Primary_Key -2147217148 No primary key was found for the specified entity.
QueryBuilderNoAlias -2147217141 No alias for the given entity in the condition was found.
QueryBuilderNoAttribute -2147217149 The specified attribute does not exist on this entity.
QueryBuilderNoAttrsDistinctConflict -2147217108 The no-attrs tag cannot be used in conjuction with Distinct set to true.
QueryBuilderNoEntity -2147217150 The specified entity was not found.
QueryBuilderPagingOrderBy -2147217111 Order by columns do not match those in paging cookie.
QueryBuilderPrimaryKeyExpected -2147217107 The Primary Key is expected when Distinct is set to true.
QueryBuilderReportView_Does_Not_Exist -2147217139 A report view does not exist for the specified entity.
QueryBuilderSerialzeLinkTopCriteria -2147217132 Fetch does not support where clause with conditions from linkentity.
QueryBuilderTopCountGreaterThanZero -2147217113 Converting from EntityExpression to Query failed. Top.Count must be equal to zero.
QueryBuilderUnexpected -2147217151 An unexpected error occurred.
QueryBuilderValue_GreaterThanZero -2147217140 A value greater than zero must be specified.
QuoteAndSalesOrderCurrencyNotEqual -2147185426 The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
ReadOnlyUserNotSupported -2147214016 The read-only access mode is not supported
RecordAndOpportunityCurrencyNotEqual -2147185425 The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
RecordAndPricelistCurrencyNotEqual -2147185418 The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
RefEntityRelationshipRoleRequired -2147187600 The entity relationship role of the referencing entity is required when creating a new one-to-many entity relationship.
ReferencedEntityHasLogicalPrimaryNameField -2147204306 This entity has a primary field that is logical and therefore cannot be the referenced entity in a one-to-many relationship
ReferencedEntityMustHaveLookupView -2147204297 Referenced entities of a relationship must have a lookup view
ReferencingEntityMustHaveAssociationView -2147204296 Referencing entities of a relationship must have an association view
ReflexiveEntityParentOrChildDoesNotExist -2147220600 Either the parent or child entity does not exist
RelationshipIsNotCustomRelationship -2147192822 The specified relationship is not a custom relationship
RelationshipNameLengthExceedsLimit -2147188694 Relationship name cannot be more than 50 characters long.
RelationshipRoleMismatch -2147187609 The relationship role name {0} does not match either expected entity name of {1} or {2}.
RelationshipRoleNodeNumberInvalid -2147187607 There must be two entity relationship role nodes when creating a new many-to-many entity relationship.
ReportDoesNotExist -2147220327 Report does not exist.
ReportFileTooBig -2147188073 The file is too large and cannot be uploaded. Please reduce the size of the file and try again.
ReportFileZeroLength -2147188074 You have uploaded an empty file.  Please select a new file and try again.
ReportLoopBeingCreated -2147220328 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Reports hierarchy.
ReportLoopExists -2147220329 Loop exists in the reports hierarchy.
ReportNotAvailable -2147188071 Report not available
ReportRenderError -2147220332 An error occurred during report rendering.
ReportServerInvalidUrl -2147187967 Cannot contact report server from given URL
ReportServerNoPrivilege -2147187966 Not enough privilege to configure report server
ReportServerSP2HotFixNotApplied -2147187959 Report server SP2 Workgroup does not have the hotfix for role creation
ReportServerUnknownException -2147187968 Unknown exception thrown by report server
ReportServerVersionLow -2147187965 Report server does not meet the minimal version requirement
ReportTypeBlocked -2147188075 The report is not a valid type.  It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
ReportUploadDisabled -2147188076 Reporting Services reports cannot be uploaded. If you want to create a new report, please use the Report Wizard.
RequestIsNotAuthenticated -2147204350 Request is not authenticated.
RequiredColumnsNotFoundInImportFile -2147220605 One or more source columns used in the transformation do not exist in the source file.
RequiredFieldMissing -2147220992 Required field missing.
RestrictInheritedRole -2147204782 Inherited roles cannot be modified.
RoleAlreadyExists -2147216381 A role with the specified name already exists.
RouteTypeUnsupported -2147220247 The route type is unsupported
RoutingNotAllowed -2147220249 This object type can not be routed.
RowGuidIsNotValidName -2147192831 rowguid is a reserved name and cannot be used as an identifier
RuleAlreadyPublishing -2147187660 The selected duplicate detection rule is already being published.
RuleNotFound -2147187661 No rules were found that match the criteria.
RulesInInconsistentStateFound -2147187677 One or more rules cannot be unpublished, either because they are in the process of being published, or are in a state where they cannot be unpublished.
SalesOrderAndInvoiceCurrencyNotEqual -2147185427 The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
SalesPeopleDuplicateCalendarNotAllowed -2147207165 Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year
SalesPeopleEmptyEffectiveDate -2147207167 Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty
SalesPeopleEmptySalesPerson -2147207168 Parent salesperson cannot be empty
SalesPeopleManagerNotAllowed -2147207163 Territory manager cannot belong to other territory
SavedQueryIsNotCustomizable -2147192809 The specified view is not customizable
ScaleGroupDisabled -2147180281 The specified scalegroup is disabled. Access to organizations in this scalegroup are not allowed.
SdkCorrelationTokenDepthTooHigh -2147204734 This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again. For information about workflow logic, see Help.
SdkCustomProcessingStepIsNotAllowed -2147204729 Custom SdkMessageProcessingStep is not allowed on the specified message and entity.
SdkEntityDoesNotSupportMessage -2147219456 The method being invoked does not support provided entity type.
SdkEntityOfflineQueuePlaybackIsNotAllowed -2147204728 Entity '{0}' is not allowed in offline queue playback.
SdkInvalidMessagePropertyName -2147204757 Message property name '{0}' is not valid on message {1}.
SdkMessageDoesNotSupportImageRegistration -2147204727 Message '{0}' does not support image registration.
SdkMessageNotSupportedOnClient -2147204735 The message requested is not supported on the client.
SdkMessageNotSupportedOnServer -2147204736 The message requested is not supported on the server.
SdkNotEnoughPrivilegeToSetCallerOriginToken -2147204343 Caller does not have enough privilege to set CallerOriginToken to the specified value.
ServiceInstantiationFailed -2147220924 Instantiation of an Entity failed.
SessionTokenUnavailable -2147220909 Session token is not available unless there is a transaction in place.
SingletonMappingFoundForArrayParameter -2147220610 A single transformation parameter mapping is defined for an array parameter.
SnapshotReportNotReady -2147220343 The selected report is not ready for viewing. The report is still being created or a report snapshot is not available.
SourceEntityMappedToMultipleTargets -2147220675 This source entity is mapped to more than one Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
SqlErrorInStoredProcedure -2147172351 SQL error {0} occurred in stored procedure {1}
SrsDataConnectorNotInstalled -2147220334 MSCRM Data Connector Not Installed
StoredProcedureContext -2147172350 CRM error {0} in {1}:{2}
StringAttributeIndexError -2147167598 One of the attributes of the selected entity is a part of database index and so it cannot be greater than 900 bytes.
StringLengthTooLong -2147204303 A validation error occurred. A string value provided is too long.
SubjectDoesNotExist -2147205630 Subject does not exist.
SubjectLoopBeingCreated -2147205631 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Subjects hierarchy.
SubjectLoopExists -2147205632 Loop exists in the subjects hierarchy.
SubReportDoesNotExist -2147220333 Subreport does not exist.
SupportLogOnExpired -2147180280 Support login is expired
SupportUserCannotBeCreateNorUpdated -2147214015 The support user cannot not be updated
SyncToMsdeFailure -2147187705 Failed to start or connect to the offline mode MSDE database.
SystemAttributeMap -2147196411 SystemAttributeMap Error Occurred
SystemEntityMap -2147196414 SystemEntityMap Error Occurred
TamperedAuthTicket -2147180283 The ticket specified for authentication has been tampered with or invalidated.
TargetAttributeInvalidForMap -2147220588 This attribute is not valid for mapping.
TargetAttributeNotFound -2147220590 The file specifies an attribute that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
TargetEntityInvalidForMap -2147220587 The file specifies an entity that is not valid for data migration.
TargetEntityNotFound -2147220591 The file specifies an entity that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
TargetEntityNotMapped -2147187616 Target Entity Name not defined for source:{0} file.
TeamNameTooLong -2147187963 The specified name for the team is too long.
TemplateTypeNotSupportedForUnsubscribeAcknowledgement -2147220700 This template type is not supported for unsubscribe acknowledgement.
TooManyRecipients -2147207922 Sending to multiple recipients is not supported.
TransactionAborted -2147220907 Transaction Aborted.
TransactionNotCommited -2147220910 Transaction not comitted.
TransactionNotStarted -2147220911 Transaction not started.
TransformationResumeNotSupported -2147187613 The resume/retry of Transformation job of Import is not supported.
TransformMustBeCalledBeforeImport -2147220683 Cannot call import before transform.
UIDataMissingInWorkflow -2147187599 The workflow does not contain UIData.
UnableToLoadPluginAssembly -2147204719 Unable to load Plug-in assembly.
UnableToLoadPluginType -2147204720 Unable to load Plug-in type.
UnableToLoadTransformationAssembly -2147220616 Unable to load the transformation assembly.
UnableToLoadTransformationType -2147220615 Unable to load the transformation type.
UnableToLogOnUserFromUserNameAndPassword -2147204335 The specified user name and password can not logon.
UnableToSendEmail -2147176427 Some Internal error occurred in sending invitation, Please try again later
UnauthorizedAccess -2147220873 Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
UnExpected -2147220970 An unexpected error occurred.
UnexpectedErrorInMailMerge -2147220688 There was an unexpected error during mail merge.
UnitDoesNotExist -2147206373 The unit does not exist.
UnitLoopBeingCreated -2147206374 Using this base unit would create a loop in the unit hierarchy.
UnitLoopExists -2147206375 Loop exists in the unit hierarchy.
UnitNoName -2147206362 The unit name cannot be null.
UnitNotInSchedule -2147206378 The unit does not exist in the specified unit schedule.
unManagedchildentityisnotchild -2147220250 The child entity supplied is not a child.
unManagedcihldofconditionforoffilefilters -2147220311 Child-of condition is only allowed on offline filters.
unManagedemptyprocessliteralcondition -2147220304 No data specified for ProcessLiteralCondition.
unManagedentityisnotintersect -2147220310 The entity is not an intersect entity.
unManagederroraddingfiltertoqueryplan -2147220278 An error occurred adding a filter to the query plan.
unManagederrorprocessingfilternodes -2147220284 An unexpected error occurred processing the filter nodes.
unManagedfieldnotvalidatedbyplatform -2147220306 A field was not validated by the platform.
unManagedfilterindexoutofrange -2147220309 The filter index is out of range.
unManagedIdsAccessDenied -2147187962 Not enough privilege to access the Microsoft CRM object or perform the requested operation.
unManagedidsaccounthaschildopportunities -2147220207 The Account has child opportunities.
unManagedidsactivitydurationdoesnotmatch -2147207926 Activity duration does not match start/end time
unManagedidsactivityinvalidduration -2147207927 Invalid activity duration
unManagedidsactivityinvalidobjecttype -2147207933 Activity regarding object type is invalid
unManagedidsactivityinvalidpartyobjecttype -2147207931 Activity party object type is invalid
unManagedidsactivityinvalidregardingobject -2147207929 Invalid activity regarding object, it probably does not exist
unManagedidsactivityinvalidstate -2147207936 Invalid activity state
unManagedidsactivityinvalidtimeformat -2147207928 Invalid activity time, check format
unManagedidsactivityinvalidtype -2147207935 Invalid activity type code
unManagedidsactivitynotroutable -2147207925 This type of activity is not routable
unManagedidsactivityobjectidortypemissing -2147207934 Activity regarding object Id or type is missing
unManagedidsactivitypartyobjectidortypemissing -2147207932 Activity party object Id or type is missing
unManagedidsanonymousenabled -2147220954 The logged-in user was not found in the Active Directory.
unManagedidsarticletemplatecontainsarticles -2147205627 Cannot change article template because there are knowledge base articles using it.
unManagedidsarticletemplateisnotactive -2147205625 KB article template is inactive.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotcreatetempfile -2147202555 Cannot create temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotgetfilesize -2147202559 Cannot get temporary attachment file size.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotopentempfile -2147202560 Cannot open temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotreadtempfile -2147202557 Cannot read temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannottruncatetempfile -2147202553 Cannot truncate temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotunmaptempfile -2147202554 Cannot unmap temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentinvalidfilesize -2147202558 Attachment file size is too big.
unManagedidsattachmentisempty -2147202556 Attachment is empty.
unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessparentdiffmerchant -2147214076 The business is not in the same merchant as parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinpartnerbusiness -2147214060 The caller is not from partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinprimarybusiness -2147214062 The caller is not from primary business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotaddlocaluser -2147214030 A local user cannot be added to the CRM.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeletebusiness -2147214056 This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete this sub-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeleteprovision -2147214055 This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisablebusiness -2147214054 This business unit cannot be disabled.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisableprovision -2147214053 This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenablebusiness -2147214052 This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenableprovision -2147214051 This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser -2147214075 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmoverootteamcaptain -2147214040 The captain of the root business's team cannot be moved.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotreadaccountcontrol -2147214035 Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your System Administrator.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremovepartnershipdefaultuser -2147214057 The default user of a partnership can not be removed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremoveteamcaptain -2147214067 The team captain can not be removed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcantchangeorgname -2147214026 The organization name cannot be changed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinbusiness -2147214077 The default user is not in the business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinpartnerbusiness -2147214059 The default user is not from partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinprimarybusiness -2147214061 The default user is not from primary business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissbusinessname -2147214080 The business name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissparentbusiness -2147214078 The parent business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmisspartnerbusiness -2147214065 The partnership partner business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissprimarybusiness -2147214066 The partnership primary business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissteambusiness -2147214071 The team business id was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissteamcaptain -2147214072 The team captain id was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissuserdomainname -2147214079 The user's domain name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtnoparentbusiness -2147214039 The specified business does not have a parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipalreadyexists -2147214063 A partnership between specified primary business and partner business already exists.
unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipnotinpendingstatus -2147214058 The partnership has been accepted or declined.
unManagedidsbizmgmtprimarysameaspartner -2147214064 The primary business is the same as partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtteamcaptainindiffmerchant -2147214070 The team captain is not in the same merchant as team business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtteamparentdiffmerchant -2147214068 The team is not in the same merchant as parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusercannotbeownparent -2147214074 The user can not be its own parent user.
unManagedidsbizmgmtuserdoesnothaveparent -2147214050 This user does not have a parent user.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusersettingsnotcreated -2147214037 The specified user's settings have not yet been created.
unManagedidscalendarinvalidcalendar -2147201792 The calendar is invalid.
unManagedidscalendarruledoesnotexist -2147200768 The calendar rule does not exist.
unManagedidsCalloutException -2147197179 Callout code throws exception
unManagedidscalloutinvalidconfig -2147197181 Invalid callout configuration
unManagedidscalloutinvalidevent -2147197180 Invalid callout event
unManagedidscalloutisvabort -2147197183 Callout ISV code aborted the operation
unManagedidscalloutisvexception -2147197184 Callout ISV code throws exception
unManagedidscalloutisvstop -2147197182 Callout ISV code stopped the operation
unManagedidscannotassigntobusiness -2147220959 Cannot assign an object to a merchant.
unManagedidscannotdeactivatepricelevel -2147206396 The price level cannot be deactivated because it is the default price level of an account, contact or product.
unManagedidscannotdefaultprivateview -2147220936 Private views cannot be default.
unManagedidscannotgrantorrevokeaccesstobusiness -2147220962 Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a merchant.
unManagedidscantdisable -2147204780 The user cannot be disabled because they have workflow rules running under their context.
unManagedidscascadeemptylinkerror -2147199486 The relationship link is empty
unManagedidscascadeinconsistencyerror -2147199488 Cascade map information is inconsistent.
unManagedidscascadeundefinedrelationerror -2147199487 Relationship type is not supported
unManagedidscascadeunexpectederror -2147199485 Unexpected error occurred in cascading operation
unManagedidscommunicationsbadsender -2147218687 More than one sender specified
unManagedidscommunicationsnoparticipationmask -2147218682 Participation type is missing from an activity
unManagedidscommunicationsnopartyaddress -2147218688 Object address not found on party or party is marked as non-emailable
unManagedidscommunicationsnorecipients -2147218683 At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient
unManagedidscommunicationsnosender -2147218686 No email address was specified, and the calling user does not have an email address set
unManagedidscommunicationsnosenderaddress -2147218680 The sender does not have an email address on the party record
unManagedidscommunicationstemplateinvalidtemplate -2147218681 The template body is invalid
unManagedidscontacthaschildopportunities -2147220206 The Contact has child opportunities.
unManagedidscontractaccountmissing -2147208703 Account is required to save a contract.
unManagedidscontractdoesnotexist -2147208697 The contract does not exist.
unManagedidscontractinvalidowner -2147208686 The owner of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidstartdateforrenewedcontract -2147208681 The start date of the renewed contract can not be earlier than the end date of the originating contract.
unManagedidscontractinvalidtotalallotments -2147208684 The totalallotments is invalid.
unManagedidscontractlineitemdoesnotexist -2147208696 The contract line item does not exist.
unManagedidscontractopencasesexist -2147208694 There are open cases against this contract line item.
unManagedidscontracttemplateabbreviationexists -2147208682 The value for abbreviation already exists.
unManagedidscontractunexpected -2147208704 An unexpected error occurred in Contracts.
unManagedidscpbadpassword -2147211007 Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user.
unManagedidscpdecryptfailed -2147211005 Decryption of the password failed.
unManagedidscpencryptfailed -2147211006 Encryption of the supplied password failed.
unManagedidscpuserdoesnotexist -2147211008 The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect.
unManagedidscustomentityalreadyinitialized -2147198719 Custom entity interface already initialized on this thread.
unManagedidscustomentityambiguousrelationship -2147198707 More than one relationship between the requested entities exists.
unManagedidscustomentityexistingloop -2147198713 There is an existing loop in the database.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidchild -2147198711 The supplied child passed in is not a valid entity.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidownership -2147198717 Custom entity ownership type mask is improperly set.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidparent -2147198710 The supplied parent passed in is not a valid entity.
unManagedidscustomentitynameviolation -2147198720 Supplied entity found, but it is not a custom entity.
unManagedidscustomentitynorelationship -2147198708 No relationship exists between the requested entities.
unManagedidscustomentitynotinitialized -2147198718 Custom entity interface was not properly initialized.
unManagedidscustomentityparentchildidentical -2147198709 The supplied parent and child entities are identical.
unManagedidscustomentitystackoverflow -2147198715 Custom entity MD stack overflow.
unManagedidscustomentitystackunderflow -2147198714 Custom entity MD stack underflow.
unManagedidscustomentitytlsfailure -2147198716 Custom entity MD TLS not initialized.
unManagedidscustomentitywouldcreateloop -2147198712 This association would create a loop in the database.
unManagedidscustomeraddresstypeinvalid -2147220204 Invalid customer address type.
unManagedidscustomizationtransformationnotsupported -2147203328 Transformation is not supported for this object.
unManagedidsdataaccessunexpected -2147212544 Unexpected error in data access.  DB Connection may not have been opened successfully.
unManagedidsdataoutofrange -2147220948 Data out of range
unManagedidsevalaborted -2147210237 Evaluation aborted.
unManagedidsevalallaborted -2147210238 Evaluation aborted and stop further processing.
unManagedidsevalallcompleted -2147210228 Evaluation completed and stop further processing.
unManagedidsevalassignshouldhave4parameters -2147210239 Assign action should have 4 parameters.
unManagedidsevalchangetypeerror -2147210227 Change type error.
unManagedidsevalcompleted -2147210236 Evaluation completed.
unManagedidsevalcreateshouldhave2parameters -2147210180 Create action should have 2 parameters.
unManagedidsevalerrorabsparameter -2147210196 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter.
unManagedidsevalerroractivityattachment -2147210216 Error in action activity attachment.
unManagedidsevalerroraddparameter -2147210225 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty -2147210177 unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorassign -2147210206 Error in action assign.
unManagedidsevalerrorbeginwithparameter -2147210184 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BEGIN_WITH parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorbetweenparameter -2147210189 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorcontainparameter -2147210182 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_CONTAIN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreate -2147210181 Error in create update.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreateactivity -2147210217 Error in action create activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreateincident -2147210211 Error in action create incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreatenote -2147210213 Error in action create note.
unManagedidsevalerrordividedbyzero -2147210218 Divided by zero.
unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameter -2147210221 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameters -2147210222 Division parameter can have only two subparameters.
unManagedidsevalerroremailtemplate -2147210207 Error in action email template.
unManagedidsevalerrorendwithparameter -2147210183 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_END_WITH parameter.
unManagedidsevalerroreqparameter -2147210191 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorexec -2147210201 Error in action exec.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatbooleanparameter -2147210171 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_BOOLEAN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatdatetimeparameter -2147210172 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DATETIME parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatdecimalparameter -2147210166 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DECIMAL parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatintegerparameter -2147210167 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_INTEGER parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatlookupparameter -2147210164 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_LOOKUP parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatpicklistparameter -2147210170 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_PICKLIST parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter -2147210165 unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorgeqparameter -2147210194 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorgtparameter -2147210195 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorhalt -2147210200 Error in action halt.
unManagedidsevalerrorhandleactivity -2147210215 Error in action handle activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorhandleincident -2147210210 Error in action handle incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorincidentqueue -2147210199 Failed to evaluate INCIDENT_QUEUE.
unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter -2147210174 unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorinparameter -2147210188 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidparameter -2147210197 Invalid parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidrecipient -2147210187 Invalid email recipient.
unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter -2147210173 unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorleqparameter -2147210192 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorltparameter -2147210193 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameter -2147210219 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUR parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameters -2147210220 Modulus parameter can have only two subparameters.
unManagedidsevalerrormultiplicationparameter -2147210223 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorneqparameter -2147210190 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrornoteattachment -2147210212 Error in action note attachment.
unManagedidsevalerrorobjecttype -2147210168 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_GetObjectType parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorposturl -2147210202 Error in action posturl.
unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter -2147210169 unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty -2147210176 unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorroute -2147210204 Error in action route.
unManagedidsevalerrorsendemail -2147210208 Error in action send email.
unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty -2147210175 unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorsetstate -2147210203 Error in action set state.
unManagedidsevalerrorstrlenparameter -2147210185 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_STRLEN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorsubstrparameter -2147210186 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBSTR parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorsubtractionparameter -2147210224 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleactivity -2147210214 Error in action unhandle activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleincident -2147210209 Error in action unhandle incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorupdate -2147210205 Error in action update.
unManagedidsevalgenericerror -2147210198 Evaluation error.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotfound -2147210232 The specified metabase attribute does not exist.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotmatchquery -2147210229 The specified refattributeid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitycompoundkeys -2147210233 The specified metabase object has compound keys. We do not support compound-key entities yet.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitynotmatchquery -2147210230 The specified refentityid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
unManagedidsevalmissselectquery -2147210226 Missing the query subparameter in a select parameter.
unManagedidsevalobjectnotfound -2147210235 The required object does not exist.
unManagedidsevalpropertyisnull -2147210231 The required property of the object was not set.
unManagedidsevalpropertynotfound -2147210234 The required property of the object was not found.
unManagedidsevaltimererrorcalculatescheduletime -2147210178 Failed to calculate the schedule time for the timer action.
unManagedidsevaltimerinvalidparameternumber -2147210179 Invalid parameters for Timer action.
unManagedidsevalupdateshouldhave3parameters -2147210240 Update action should have 3 parameters.
unManagedidsfailureinittoken -2147220977 Failure in obtaining user token.
unManagedidsfetchbetweentext -2147204781 between, not-between, in, and not-in operators are not allowed on attributes of type text or ntext.
unManagedidsfulltextoperationfailed -2147205626 Full text operation failed.
unManagedidsincidentassociatedactivitycorrupted -2147204091 The activity associated with this case is corrupted.
unManagedidsincidentcannotclose -2147204086 The incident can not be closed because there are open activities for this incident.
unManagedidsincidentcontractdetaildoesnotmatchcontract -2147204094 The contract line item is not in the specified contract.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidactivitytypecode -2147204090 The activitytypecode is wrong.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidstate -2147204092 Incident state is invalid.
unManagedidsincidentmissingactivityobjecttype -2147204088 Missing object type code.
unManagedidsincidentnullactivitytypecode -2147204089 The activitytypecode can't be NULL.
unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactnotpresent -2147204080 You should specify a parent contact or account.
unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactpresent -2147204081 You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both.
unManagedidsinvalidassociation -2147220975 Invalid association.
unManagedidsinvalidbusinessid -2147220983 Invalid business id.
unManagedidsinvaliditemid -2147220981 Invalid item id.
unManagedidsinvalidorgid -2147220982 Invalid organization id.
unManagedidsinvalidowninguser -2147220974 Item does not have an owning user.
unManagedidsinvalidteamid -2147220984 Invalid team id.
unManagedidsinvaliduserid -2147220985 The user id is invalid or missing.
unManagedidsinvaliduseridorbusinessidorusersbusinessinvalid -2147220963 One of the following occurred: invalid user id, invalid business id or the user does not belong to the business.
unManagedidsinvalidvisibility -2147220978 Invalid visibility.
unManagedidsinvalidvisibilitymodificationaccess -2147220973 User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item.
unManagedidsinvoicecloseapideprecated -2147206363 The Invoice Close API is deprecated. It has been replaced by the Pay and Cancel APIs.
unManagedidsjournalinginvalideventtype -2147219453 Invalid event type.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingaccountid -2147219450 Account Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingcontactid -2147219448 Contact Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventdirection -2147219454 Event direction code missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventtype -2147219452 Event type missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingincidentid -2147219447 Incident Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingleadid -2147219451 Lead Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingopportunityid -2147219449 Opportunity Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingunsupportedobjecttype -2147219455 Unsupported type of objects passed in operation.
unManagedidsleaddoesnotexist -2147220223 Lead does not exist.
unManagedidsleadnoparent -2147220213 The lead does not have a parent.
unManagedidsleadnotassigned -2147220212 The lead has not been assigned.
unManagedidsleadnotassignedtocaller -2147220205 The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance.
unManagedidsleadoneaccount -2147220208 A lead can be associated with only one account.
unManagedidsleadusercannotreject -2147220211 The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance.
unManagedidsmergedifferentbizorgerror -2147200253 Merge cannot be performed on entities from different business entity.
unManagedidsmetadatanoentity -2147217920 The specified entity does not exist
unManagedidsmetadatanorelationship -2147217918 The relationship does not exist
unManagedidsnorelationship -2147220938 No relationship exists between the objects specified.
unManagedidsnotesalreadyattached -2147215615 The specified note is already attached to an object.
unManagedidsnotesloopbeingcreated -2147215613 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy.
unManagedidsnotesloopexists -2147215614 A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy.
unManagedidsnotesnoattachment -2147215612 The specified note has no attachments.
unManagedidsnotesnotedoesnotexist -2147215616 The specified note does not exist.
unManagedidsopportunitydoesnotexist -2147220224 Opportunity does not exist.
unManagedidsopportunityinvalidparent -2147220220 The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact.
unManagedidsopportunitymissingparent -2147220219 The parent of the opportunity is missing.
unManagedidsopportunityoneaccount -2147220210 An opportunity can be associated with only one account.
unManagedidsopportunityorphan -2147220209 Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan.
unManagedidsoutofmemory -2147220958 Out of memory.
unManagedidsownernotenabled -2147220949 The specified owner has been disabled.
unManagedidspresentuseridandteamid -2147220964 Both the user id and team id are present. Only one should be present.
unManagedidspropbagattributealreadyset -2147213249 One of the attributes passed has already been set
unManagedidspropbagattributenotnullable -2147213250 One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL
unManagedidspropbagcolloutofrange -2147213282 The bag index in the collection was out of range.
unManagedidspropbagnointerface -2147213311 The property bag interface could not be found.
unManagedidspropbagnullproperty -2147213310 The specified property was null in the property bag.
unManagedidspropbagpropertynotfound -2147213312 The specified property was not found in the property bag.
unManagedidsqueuemissingbusinessunitid -2147205629 Missing businessunitid.
unManagedidsqueueorganizationidnotmatch -2147205628 Callers' organization Id does not match businessunit's organization Id.
unManagedidsrcsyncfilternoaccess -2147204849 Cannot go offline: missing access rights on required entity.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidfiltererror -2147204851 Invalid filter specified.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsubscription -2147204855 The specified subscription does not exist.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsynctime -2147204864 The specified sync time is invalid.  Sync times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous sync.  Please reinitialize your subscription.
unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed -2147204863 unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncnoclient -2147204845 Client does not exist.
unManagedidsrcsyncnoprimary -2147204846 No primary client exists.
unManagedidsrcsyncnotprimary -2147204847 Cannot sync: not the primary OutlookSync client.
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed -2147204861 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror -2147204858 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed -2147204862 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror -2147204856 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror -2147204857 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed -2147204860 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror -2147204859 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror -2147204848 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror -2147204852 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror -2147204853 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror
unManagedidsrcsyncsubscriptionowner -2147204854 The caller id does not match the subscription owner id.  Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations.
unManagedidsrolesdeletenonparentrole -2147216372 Cannot delete a role that is inherited from a parent business.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidroledata -2147216384 The role data is invalid.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidroleid -2147216383 Invalid role ID.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidrolename -2147216374 The role name is invalid.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidtemplateid -2147216380 Invalid role template ID.
unManagedidsrolesmissbusinessid -2147216378 The role's business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissprivid -2147216376 The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissroleid -2147216379 The role ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissrolename -2147216377 The role name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesroledoesnotexist -2147216382 The specified role does not exist.
unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfoalreadyset -2147213251 The DB info for the recordset property bag has already been set.
unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfonotset -2147213252 The DB info for the recordset property bag has not been set.
unManagedidssalespeopleduplicatecalendarfound -2147207166 Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalcalendartype -2147207160 Invalid fiscal calendar type
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalperiodindex -2147207161 Invalid fiscal period index
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidterritoryobjecttype -2147207164 Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object
unManagedidssqlerror -2147204784 Generic SQL error.
unManagedidssqltimeouterror -2147204783 SQL timeout expired.
unManagedidsstatedoesnotexist -2147206407 The state is not valid for this object.
unManagedidsusernotenabled -2147220955 The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit.
unManagedidsviewisnotsharable -2147220942 The view is not sharable.
unManagedidsxmlinvalidcollectionname -2147214845 The collection name specified is incorrect
unManagedidsxmlinvalidcreate -2147214847 A field that is not valid for create was specified
unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityattributes -2147214842 Invalid attributes
unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityname -2147214848 The entity name specified is incorrect
unManagedidsxmlinvalidfield -2147214841 An invalid value was passed in for a field
unManagedidsxmlinvalidread -2147214840 A field that is not valid for read was specified
unManagedidsxmlinvalidupdate -2147214846 A field that is not valid for update was specified
unManagedidsxmlparseerror -2147214844 A parse error was encountered in the XML
unManagedidsxmlunexpected -2147214843 An unexpected error has occurred
unManagedinvalddbtimefield -2147220263 The platform cannot handle dbtime fields.
unManagedinvalidargumentsforcondition -2147220297 An invalid number of arguments was supplied to a condition.
unManagedinvalidbinaryfield -2147220260 The platform cannot handle binary fields.
unManagedinvalidbusinessunitid -2147220313 The businessunitid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidcharacterdataforaggregate -2147220258 Character data is not valid when clearing an aggregate.
unManagedinvalidcountvalue -2147220287 The count value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvaliddbdatefield -2147220262 The platform cannot handle dbdate fields.
unManagedinvaliddynamicparameteraccessor -2147220267 SetParam failed processing the DynamicParameterAccessor parameter.
unManagedinvalidequalityoperand -2147220308 Only QB_LITERAL is supported for equality operand.
unManagedinvalidescapedxml -2147220319 Escaped xml size not as expected.
unManagedinvalidfieldtype -2147220264 The platform cannot handle the specified field type.
unManagedinvalidlinkobjects -2147220294 Invalid link entity, link to attribute, or link from attribute.
unManagedinvalidoperator -2147220281 The operator provided is not valid.
unManagedinvalidorganizationid -2147220290 The organizationid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunit -2147220312 The owningbusinessunit is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunitorbusinessunitid -2147220292 The owningbusinessunit or businessunitid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowninguser -2147220291 The owninguser is mising or invalid.
unManagedinvalidpagevalue -2147220286 The page value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidparametertypeforparameterizedquery -2147220266 A parameterized query is not supported for the supplied parameter type.
unManagedinvalidprincipal -2147220322 The principal id is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeedepth -2147220293 Invalid privilege depth for user.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeid -2147220274 The privilege id is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeusergroup -2147220275 The privilege user group id is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidprocesschildofcondition -2147220300 ProcessChildOfCondition was called with non-child-of condition.
unManagedinvalidprocessliternalcondition -2147220303 ProcessLiteralCondition is only valid for use with Rollup queries.
unManagedinvalidsecurityprincipal -2147220270 The security principal is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidstreamfield -2147220265 The platform cannot handle stream fields.
unManagedinvalidtlsmananger -2147220318 Failed to retrieve TLS Manager.
unManagedinvalidtrxcountforcommit -2147220254 The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to commit.
unManagedinvalidtrxcountforrollback -2147220255 The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to rollback.
unManagedinvalidvaluettagoutsideconditiontag -2147220289 A invalid value tag was found outside of it's condition tag.
unManagedinvalidversionvalue -2147220288 The version value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvaludidispatchfield -2147220261 The platform cannot handle idispatch fields.
unManagedmissingaddressentity -2147220277 The address entity could not be found.
unManagedmissingattributefortag -2147220283 An expected attribute was not found for the tag specified.
unManagedmissingdataaccess -2147220257 The data access could not be retrieved from the ExecutionContext.
unManagedmissingfilterattribute -2147220307 Missing filter attribute.
unManagedmissinglinkentity -2147220302 Unexpected error locating link entity.
unManagedMissingObjectType -2147213309 Object type must be specified for one of the attributes.
unManagedmissingparentattributeonentity -2147220299 The parent attribute was not found on the expected entity.
unManagedmissingparententity -2147220251 The parent entity could not be located.
unManagedmissingpreviousownertype -2147220272 Unable to determine the previous owner's type.
unManagedmissingreferencesfromrelationship -2147220279 Unable to access a relationship in an entity's ReferencesFrom collection.
unManagedmissingreferencingattribute -2147220280 The relationship's ReferencingAttribute is missing or invalid.
unManagedmorethanonesortattribute -2147220314 More than one sort attributes were defined.
unManagedObjectTypeUnexpected -2147213308 Object type was specified for one of the attributes that does not allow it.
unManagedparentattributenotfound -2147220316 The parent attribute was not found for the child attribute.
unManagedpartylistattributenotsupported -2147220296 Attributes of type partylist are not supported.
unManagedpendingtrxexists -2147220253 A pending transaction already exists.
unManagedproxycreationfailed -2147220321 Cannot create an instance of managed proxy.
unManagedteamownershipunsupported -2147220273 Team ownership is not supported.
unManagedtrxinterophandlerset -2147220259 The TrxInteropHandler has already been set.
unManagedunablegetexecutioncontext -2147220252 Failed to retrieve execution context (TLS).
unManagedunablegetsessiontoken -2147220269 Unable to retrieve the session token.
unManagedunablegetsessiontokennotrx -2147220268 Unable to retrieve the session token as there are no pending transactions.
unManagedunableswitchusercontext -2147220256 Cannot set to a different user context.
unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplan -2147220315 Unable to access the query plan.
unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplanfilter -2147220282 Unable to access a filter in the query plan.
unManagedunabletolocateconditionfilter -2147220285 Unexpected error locating the filter for the condition.
unManagedunabletoretrieveprivileges -2147220320 Failed to retrieve privileges.
unManagedunexpectedpropertytype -2147220276 Unexpected type for the property.
unManagedunexpectedrimarykey -2147220301 Primary key attribute was not as expected.
unManagedunknownaggregateoperation -2147220298 An unknown aggregate operation was supplied.
unManagedunusablevariantdata -2147220305 Variant supplied contains data in an unusable format.
UnmappedTransformationOutputDataFound -2147220607 One or more outputs returned by the transformation is not mapped to target fields.
UnpopulatedPrimaryKey -2147220931 Primary Key must be populated for calls to platform on rich client in offline mode.
UnspecifiedActivityXmlForCampaignActivityPropagate -2147220712 Must specify an Activity Xml for CampaignActivity Execute/Distribute
UnsupportedListMemberType -2147220735 Unsupported list member type.
UnsupportedParameter -2147220704 A parameter specified is not supported by the Bulk Operation
UnsupportedProcessCode -2147220603 The process code is not supported on this entity.
UpdateAttributeMap -2147196412 UpdateAttributeMap Error Occurred
UpdateEntityMap -2147196415 UpdateEntityMap Error Occurred
UpdateNonCustomReportFromTemplate -2147220336 Cannot update a report from a template if the report was not created from a template
UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinition -2147201022 Cannot update a published workflow definition.
UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency -2147201016 Cannot update a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
UpdatePublishedWorkflowTemplate -2147200997 Cannot update a published workflow template.
UpdateWorkflowActivation -2147201021 Cannot update a workflow activation.
UpdateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency -2147201017 Cannot update a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
UserAlreadyExists -2147214036 The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user.
UserCancelledMailMerge -2147220689 The mail merge operation was cancelled by the user.
UserDataNotFound -2147167727 The user data could not be found.
UserIdOrQueueNotSet -2147220248 Primary User Id or Destination Queue Type code not set
UserInWrongBusiness -2147216375 The user belongs to a different business unit than the role.
UserLoopBeingCreated -2147214043 Creating this parental association would create a loop in user hierarchy.
UserLoopExists -2147214044 Loop exists in the user hierarchy.
UserNotAssignedRoles -2147209463 The user has not been assigned any roles.
UserNotInParentHierarchy -2147214073 The user is not in parent user's business hierarchy.
UserSettingsInvalidAdvancedFindStartupMode -2147214028 Invalid advanced find startup mode.
UserSettingsOverMaxPagingLimit -2147204347 Paging limit over maximum configured value.
UserTimeConvertException -2147220927 Failed to convert user time zone information.
UserTimeZoneException -2147220928 Failed to retrieve user time zone information.
ValueMissingInOptionOrderArray -2147204315 The options array is missing a value.
ValueParsingError -2147176393 Error parsing parameter {0} of type {1} with value {2}
VersionMismatch -2147176416 Unsupported version - This is {0} version {1}, but version {2} was requested.
WorkflowCompileFailure -2147201023 An error has occurred during compilation of the workflow.
WorkflowConditionIncorrectBinaryOperatorFormation -2147201007 Incorrect formation of binary operator.
WorkflowConditionIncorrectUnaryOperatorFormation -2147201008 Incorrect formation of unary operator.
WorkflowConditionOperatorNotSupported -2147201006 Condition operator not supported for specified type.
WorkflowConditionTypeNotSupport -2147201005 Invalid type specified on condition.
WorkflowExpressionOperatorNotSupported -2147200978 Expression operator not supported for specified type.
WorkflowPublishedByNonOwner -2147201013 The workflow cannot be published by someone who is not its owner.
WorkflowPublishNoActivationParameters -2147201000 Automatic workflow cannot be published if no activation parameters have been specified.
WorkflowSystemPaused -2147201001 Workflow should be paused by system.
WorkflowValidationFailure -2147201004 Validation failed on the specified workflow.